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Application and development of international road in multimedia industry

for the development of multimedia industry on the international road, the most important technology is the development of broadband. At present, Chunghwa Telecom, seednet and other major ISP companies are all working in this direction. Although Taiwan is a small place, the current broadband market is a hundred schools of thought. To achieve broadband, there are two ways, the first is through cable, the other is through satellite. In addition to the increased bandwidth of the road, another important question is where the "content" comes from? (Mr. guangxiangzhong on the left) according to the information of the endowment policy committee in May 1999, we can know that in 2001, Gu was fully opened, and it is estimated that in 2002, the service coverage of xDSL will be close to 100%; In 2006, digital TV was fully broadcast, NTSC system was withdrawn, and the era of broadband multimedia was coming. At present, Gu has been opened. We should start to consider where our opportunities are in the broadband era? Moreover, many of the storage media we currently use are not digital, such as video tapes and audio tapes. Therefore, when we want to enter the digital era, how to quickly provide digital information with good quality for readers is another important problem. With the progress of digital technology, the international road will fully enter the family. For example, through, listeners can directly go up and interact with each other on the road. In the future, it will no longer just provide intercom function, but become an important key to provide mobile data communication. Whether WAP, GPRS, 3G will show a new vision of mobile data communication. These home appliances that integrate information and road functions are called IA products. We can find from the data of the endowment policy committee in December 1999 that from the prediction of the compound growth rate from 1998 to 2002, the compound growth rate of PC is about 15.8%, but the compound growth rate of IA products is as high as 74.5%. Keya information home appliances will become the mainstream of the market in the future. Multimedia is full of images, sounds, animations, etc. How to transmit high-quality and high-quality content to readers is the focus of future development, and content is more important. In 1999, more than 90% of users in the whole market used narrow-band communication. It is estimated that in 2005, more than 50% of users will use cabl. Our experimental machine has passed the strict requirements of the state to produce E and xDSL broadband technology. It is estimated that there will be a market of 17million smart hand head devices in the world in 2002, that is, products similar to PDA; Game consoles products such as Sony PS2 and saga Dreamcast will have a market of 15million sets; Road TV will have a market of 11million sets. These IA products not only can be connected, but also fully support image, video, audio and even 3D functions, which can better attract users to accept IA products. Among IA products, game console and road TV will become the family's audio-visual entertainment center; Mobile phones and PDAs will become mobile audio-visual entertainment centers. Opportunities come from outside, and opportunities can be created. Therefore, the road will become the most important medium. If we can create "content" with market demand, it will be the most important opportunity. In the case of broadband, it will help to accelerate the popularity of multimedia content, and the content provider will become the leader, because the profit of hardware will be greatly reduced, and attractive content or services will have high added value. We can see from AOL's acquisition of timewarner that AOL wants the content produced by timewarner, not its hardware devices. Therefore, who knows the content in the road world, Who can dominate the market. At present, there are three trends in road application technology: broadband, interactive and digital. The international road will accelerate the demand for multimedia content. Imported high-quality components for game industry, the decisive point lies in the game software when the test machine has a short circuit, rather than the game machine itself. The richer the content, the more it can occupy a large market, and the production of content focuses on multi person connection, 3D, etc. In terms of TV industry, the decisive point is the program content. With the substantial increase of channels and program content, we need greater bandwidth and digital compression technology. In addition, the international road is cross-border and borderless, and in order to take into account different consumer groups, it is better to provide more diversified program content and combination, and it is better to provide video on demand service. With the advent of the era of high-quality digital TV, we also need higher quality program production capabilities. In terms of mobile phone and PDA industry, the decisive point is whether the service content meets the needs of users. In addition to basic communication and personal assistant services, the most important new functions in the future are multimedia dialing and broadband wireless communication. In the broadband era, hardware is not the most important key, software is the dominant force

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