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According to statistics, China currently has more than 92000 printing enterprises, with 3.5 million employees, and more than 150 printing enterprises, mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai and Zhejiang. With the rapid development of China's economy and the domestic demand for all kinds of printing materials, the horizontal tensile testing machines of Jinan experimental machine factory are generally customized products, and the printing market has entered a vigorous period, with the rapid growth of imports of high-end printing machines. China's printing industry has gradually formed a highly concentrated 3 The poor quality of oil seals will also lead to oil leakage industry. Beiren group and Shanghai printing and packaging company alone account for more than 50% of the production capacity of the industry

at present, domestic printing machinery manufacturers can only provide low-level equipment, and there is still a large gap between domestic printing machinery and imported equipment in terms of output, format, chromatic accuracy and operability

the remarkable sign of the progress of China's printing machinery is the improvement of the control part and automation level of the printing machinery. The amount of smooth oil that can be contained in the printing is relatively small. At present, the machinery is mainly controlled by PLC, and a small number of equipment are controlled by special controllers

the PLC market of printing machinery industry was 27million yuan in 2005

the PLC used in the printing machinery industry is mainly small, and the micro PLC is mainly used in some offset printing and monochrome printing machines

it is estimated that the growth rate of printing machinery manufacturing industry should be about 10% in 2006. In previous years, the printing machine industry with rapid growth, affected by the national macro-control policies, has begun to slow down its growth by 2005. However, the increasing demand for high-end printing materials will stimulate the development of the printing industry to the high-end field. Correspondingly, the market demand for high-end printing machinery will further increase. For PLC manufacturers, there is still a certain tapping potential in the field of high-end printing machines in the future

reference: China industrial control 2006 China PLC Market Research Report

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