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The application and development trend of computer technology in the packaging and printing industry (II)

computer control technology and software application

with the rapid development of science and technology, the operation control of tile line has also developed rapidly under the promotion of science and technology. For example, the application of computer control technology has injected fresh blood into the whole carton industry. In particular, the crosscutting knife control system, ERP system, production management system, automatic order arrangement, fully automatic seamless order change, etc. conform to the trend of the times and have developed into a fully digital, efficient and energy-saving stage

advantages of computer control technology

1 Crosscutter control system

at present, the computer Crosscutter control system commonly used in China is silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) control system, but the original process has shortcomings, such as insufficient use of electric energy and large loss. Compared with the traditional control system, using high-speed p.w.m servo system has five advantages: (1) improved accuracy. P. W.M servo system takes one thousandth of a second as the control unit, and its accuracy is 15 times higher than that of s.c.r. (2) Excellent function and performance. This system has fast response. The size below the circumference of the cutter can increase the speed by more than 10% compared with s.c.s. the size above the circumference of the cutter can increase the speed by more than 15%. The cutting capacity of the crosscutting machine can be greatly improved, overcoming the limitation of size on speed, and increasing the production speed by more than 10% (increasing production capacity). (3) Save electric energy. P. W.M servo system can save 80% power due to its power saving device system design. (4) The failure rate is reduced. Compared with the traditional system, it is only 1/6 of the original system. (5) Quality improvement. It can detect many important signals. If there is any abnormality or fault, the system will automatically protect

2. Production management system

the application of "corrugating machine production management system" closely related to corrugating machine in carton factory is even more powerful. With the help of it, the carton factory can reduce the loss of tile line, reduce the downtime and adjustment time, and improve the productivity of tile line; Realize the internal resource sharing of the enterprise, and check the latest production information at any time; Make the order, production, inventory, delivery and other information accurate, effective and timely transmitted to the relevant departments; Fast, accurate and detailed statistical statements and data summary; Reduce personnel workload

3. Automatic order arrangement system

this technology is to use computer-aided technology to optimize the production sequencing of orders according to the width (width), corrugated (corrugated), material, customer, production length and other items of the base paper, so as to reduce the number of paper changes, reduce the waste of the base paper, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the utilization rate of the base paper, and so on

compared with the traditional manual arrangement, the advantages of automatic arrangement are that the number of paper changes is significantly reduced and the selection of base paper is obvious. Generally, manual scheduling means that the order in which the ordersetter inputs is the order in which the production is carried out. Due to the high reliability and temperature resistance of PBT, it can be used as the flyback transformer of TV, automobile distributor and ignition coil, office equipment shell and base, various automobile external components, air conditioner fan, electronic stove base, office equipment shell parts, and then the data can be calculated immediately, and then the judgment can be made, and then the production order can be arranged. Automatic scheduling is a scientific scheduling, which will inevitably be different from the actual situation. If you encounter an urgent order or an order requiring priority production, you need to exchange it with other orders. This technology has the functions of order insertion, order exchange, order transfer and order deletion. The benefits it brings to the carton factory include saving raw material costs, improving production efficiency and reducing labor, which correspondingly brings the management system of the carton factory into line with international standards

4. The full-automatic gapless order changing

slitter has two independent workstations, each of which has a group of cutting knives and a group of yazhongwang, and its R & D and supporting capabilities are continuously enhanced. When one workstation executes an order, the other workstation arranges and prepares the size of another order by a manipulator, and the order change time is only 0.3s. Reduce the waste board generated by the crosscutting machine during order switching; Reduce the waste board generated when the paperboard is blocked; Reduce a large number of waste plates generated at the hot plate during blocking and shutdown; Increase the average speed by 20%; When changing orders, the rotary cutter does not cut the paperboard, while the trimming of the previous order is continuous

computer control technology is not only a product of informatization, but also an embodiment of management thought. Of course, there are still some defects at present. For the future development, it should be integrated with the characteristics of the carton industry and continuously improved. This technology will eventually be the inevitable trend of the industry and will be more and more widely accepted by carton factories

application of computer software

1 The experiment of product modeling is an experimental method often used to study the performance of materials. It plays a leading role in the image system of products. It determines the style characteristics of logo design, packaging design, advertising design and page design required for product promotion and publicity. That is to say, in the limited layout space of graphic design related to products, layout elements, text fonts, pictures, graphics, colors, etc. are planned through the formal law of beauty, and the style and spatial characteristics of products are expressed in visual form. In this way, the communication of its identification subject can be strengthened, and a series of clustering effects can be produced in a unified identification way

2. In the packaging of commodities, there are not only words, but also graphics and images. Therefore, computer packaging design requires the use of various software with different functions. Commonly used are: (1) word processing software. Generally, the commodity packaging contains the name of the product, brand and enterprise, as well as the introduction of the commodity, instructions for use, etc., which need to be designed, arranged and combined through word processing software to adjust the word spacing and line spacing; Deform the text, including zoom in and out, perspective distortion and color giving. You can also input text and combine text and patterns for layout and graphic arrangement. Word, PageMaker, etc. belong to this kind of software. (2) Graphics processing software. Commodity packages generally contain geometric graphics such as trademarks (logos), artistic standard fonts, patterns, etc. Graphic processing software is also called drawing software and drawing software. Geometric graphics of drawing software is the specialty of this kind of software. It can use geometric algorithms and parameters to describe the visual image and color, and only record the mathematical model, position and color data. Therefore, the amount of files is very small, the processing speed is fast, and it will not deform after multiple amplification and reduction. At the same time, it can also move the position of each part at will, change the order before and after it, and have full freedom to try new schemes for re combination, which brings great convenience to the design. CorelDRAW, freehand, etc. belong to this kind of software and bear various external loads. (2)

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