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Shanghai Bell transformation welcomes new communication to make applications better connected people

on June 25, 2014, the current situation of communication networks has been unable to catch up with the changes in people's life patterns. Therefore, global operators are actively implementing network transformation for the next generation of communication, aiming to redefine basic communication services for the 4G era and meet the diversified communication and social needs of users

Zhang Qing, vice president of Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd. and head of the software and services division, said: facing the transformation of communication networks, Shanghai Bell actively helps operators realize the new communication transformation of application connectors from new technologies such as voice, application, cloud computing, etc

volte provides excellent call experience

during the Asia mobile Expo, in "At the same time, China Mobile, which is preparing to add sorting, cutting, grinding and granulation in its Romeville headquarters factory, and South Korea KT have completed the world's first international roaming demonstration of 0-channel olte gated by V, such as 000, which means that volte has taken a step forward in the process of upward use. As the leader of the global volte market, through volte and big data analysis solutions, Shanghai Bell is committed to helping operators provide excellent call experience and allow users to enjoy connectivity Information intelligence

according to Zhang Qing, Alcatel lucent has won seven volte commercial contracts, including at t, Verizon, C spire U.S. and apt Taiwan, providing a full range of network solutions for two large-scale volte networks that are about to be commercialized. It has carried out more than 16 outfield tests worldwide. At present, it is also carrying out relevant tests with China Mobile

as the only equipment manufacturer that provides a full range of network solutions including IMS, EPC and ran for the world's two largest volte networks that will soon be commercially available, Alcatel lucent can provide operators with end-to-end volte solutions with business innovation capabilities and rich network deployment experience, so as to reduce risks and shorten marketing time for operators' volte network construction. It is worth mentioning that Alcatel lucent also deployed the industry's first virtualized volte application and won the industry's first commercial contract for the core of virtualized volte

mobile Internet promotes the explosive development of new communication services

social media and new applications of mobile Internet. Facing the experimental speed of 0 (4) 5 times/minute (settable), the tacit speed of 40 times/minute, the transformation of new communication services has become the key. Therefore, operators are facing huge business challenges and opportunities

Alcatel lucent is committed to helping operators provide carrier level new social communication services through mature RCS solutions, strengthening the ability of operators to quickly develop and innovate business applications using the network platform through IMS new communication service development interface, and creating an open business innovation ecosystem integrating the web by supporting webrtc and integrating communication and the web

according to the introduction, RCS is a core business set based on IMS, which can be commercially used and implemented. By providing users with a complete set of instant multimedia messaging, presentation, content sharing, file transmission and other applications based on enhanced address book, it provides users with an interoperable, integrated and rich communication experience

so far, Alcatel lucent has won 6 RCS deployment contracts and carried out more than 20 RCS test projects worldwide, including 7 in the Americas, 9 in Europe and 5 in the Asia Pacific

Zhang Qing said that he has reached in-depth cooperation with many leading car companies. In order to help operators open their network capabilities and achieve rapid development and innovation, Alcatel lucent IMS new communication service development interface adopts a set of rich API interfaces, so that business developers and integrators can easily use the services and communication capabilities provided by IMS, so that IMS communication capabilities can be easily embedded in business applications in various industries

it is worth noting that IMS' support for webrtc can help operators' LTE networks have the gene of interconnection for the first time, giving operators the opportunity and ability to share the cake of the Internet market. Alcatel Lucent's IMS can support webrtc and create an open business innovation ecosystem integrating the web

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