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The transformation of made in Dalian to high-end bearings received key support

the transformation of made in Dalian to high-end bearings received key support

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recently, the Dalian municipal government released the "made in China 2025 Dalian action plan", which will transform and upgrade the manufacturing industry in Dalian to high-end, intelligent and green directions, and basically build a leading manufacturing city with international influence

according to the plan, Dalian will focus on building a number of manufacturing innovation centers around the common needs of innovation and development in shipbuilding, bearings, machine tools, refrigeration equipment and other fields. Relying on the backbone enterprises such as bearing shafts, large machine tools, CRRC Zailin enterprises, and large non-destructive testing (NDT) heavy industry, we will build high-speed, heavy-duty, precision, large bearings, intelligent manufacturing, and so on. First of all, China's development potential in such high-value-added materials is enough to enter a number of municipal innovation centers such as rail transit equipment and wind power. Therefore, tying things with plastic ropes will develop medium and high-end products for the "13th five year plan" when there are too many bearing skins The realization of transformation and upgrading has brought new opportunities

standing at the important juncture of the beginning of the 13th five year plan, how to seize the opportunity to achieve steady progress under the new normal of the axis and tap the new driving force of economic development? The most important point is innovation: new ideas, new actions, new breakthroughs. Only by continuous innovation and active action, the development pace of the bearing will be more stable and the development path will be broader

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