The hottest transformer cable was stolen 70 times,

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Transformer cables were stolen 70 times, and the words of the rural old lady made the 7-person Gang fall

"scissors, carry away and sell money". A few days ago, an arrogant gang that frantically stole engineering cables in Pei County, Xuzhou, finally fell through the efforts of the police for nearly a year. Because "stealing cables makes money fast", from last August to this August, a 7-person gang committed more than 70 consecutive crimes, stealing more than 100 spare transformer cables in Peixian County, involving more than 400000 yuan

pictures provided by the police

Pei county frequently has cable theft cases

Xi Deguang, deputy director of Mengzhuang police station of Pei County Public Security Bureau, told that since August 2017, Mengzhuang police station has received several reports of theft of spare low-voltage cables of transformers in its jurisdiction, and these cases have one thing in common, that is, the time of the crime is mostly from night to early morning, and the perpetrators steal transformer cables that are not powered on. "It is difficult for ordinary people to judge whether the transformer is powered on from the appearance. From this point, we can judge that the theft personnel involved have certain professional basic knowledge and specialize in stealing the standby low-voltage cables that are not powered on."

combined with the situation of the crime scene, the police found that the suspects used professional tools and skillfully. In view of the particularity of the suspects' theft targets in such cases, the police realized that this should be a series of theft cases. On the one hand, the police carried out investigations and visits within the jurisdiction, striving to find hidden cases. On the other hand, through inquiries, they found out the situation of similar cases in the county. The results showed that 27 such cases were filed in the county in 2017, and 25 cases were filed in the county as of August 2018. At the same time, the police specially contacted the rural power department and asked relevant personnel to summarize their losses. It was found that more than 100 spare transformer cables had been stolen in the county since 2017. Therefore, the police of Peixian county decided to carry out the investigation of serial and parallel cases and reported them to the provincial department for listing and supervision

one sentence from the villagers has become the key to solving the case.

with the advancement of the serial and parallel case work, it should have been closer to the suspect from the perspective of solving the case. However, it is unexpected that the case has temporarily entered a deadlock. The location of these suspects stealing cables is relatively remote, and there are few surveillance cameras, so it is difficult to find a breakthrough in graphic detection

Xi Deguang told, "we also analyzed the identity of the suspect. We have professional power skills. At first, we considered that it was the electrician or the internal staff of the power company." However, after investigation, it is found that the possibility of committing a crime by electricians or internal employees of power companies is very small, because for people with stable income, the crime cost is very high and very uneconomical. After ruling out the possibility of these people committing crimes, the police turned their attention to the outsourcing personnel of the rural power sector

during this period, the police inadvertently discovered an important clue through interviews, which became the key to solving this case. When the police handling the case visited Donglou village, Hekou Town, Peixian County for investigation, they met an old lady who told the police that she had seen a black car appear nearby at the time of the crime. The old lady said that Donglou village is very remote, and there are few foreign vehicles at ordinary times, so she also paid attention to it and described the car condition to the police

the police judged that the car was a major suspect. Because there was no camera at the scene of the crime, the police expanded the screening scope. After several days of efforts, they finally found the information of the suspected car, then locked the owner Ji, and found that Ji had been sentenced for stealing transformer cables

the 7-person theft gang finally landed

the police then investigated Ji and found that he was suspected of committing a major crime. As Ji surfaced, the case became clear, but the police were not in a hurry to arrest him. Combined with the trace material evidence at the scene of the crime, through the investigation of Ji's vehicle, it was found that his peers were more, and most of them were male youths of the same age. The police presumed that Ji should have other accomplices to commit the crime together. After investigation, Wang, who lives in a nearby village, was also suspected of committing a major crime

at about 11 a.m. on August 15 this year, the police arrested Ji near a waste purchase station in Pei Town, Pei County, and found the crime tools (crescent pliers, wrenches) and the stolen cables that could be obtained and sold in the future on his car; At about 12 noon, the police arrested Wang who absconded to his aunt's home and was still in shock; At about 16:00 p.m. on the force measurement day of the load sensor, Youyi pointed out that the experimental methods of mechanical properties in the plywood experimental standard for container bottom plate were all carried out with reference to the method of microcomputer controlled wood-based panel universal experimental machine meeting the GB-T 17657 (1) 999 standard. The police arrested another accomplice Zhang through the information given by Ji. Later, according to Zhang's account, the police drove to Zhangjiagang City, Suzhou, and arrested the suspect Qu

the police successively arrested all seven suspect who stole the cable cupping tester host configuration line. According to the suspect, they have all worked with the construction team of the Ministry of rural electricity. Some of them finally embarked on this illegal and criminal road because they were burdened with foreign debt and had master controllers that could meet different experimental needs. In nearly a year, they stole more than 100 transformer cables, involving a value of more than 400000 yuan. At present, the case is being further handled

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