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Transform to digital operation platform and win 5g enterprise market

with more than 100 operators around the world launching 5g business, it is urgent to release 5g business value potential. However, what is the direction of 5g business development? How to achieve 5g business success? The joint research of keystone analysis and Huawei shows that the market opportunity of operators will reach US $1.654 trillion by 2025. Among them, US $370billion comes from 5g vertical industry services, which is 1.5 times of 5g vertical industry connection revenue. In the later stage, steel prices may return to a weak pattern

operators are developing towards enterprise business in 2020, especially in vertical industries such as manufacturing, steel and transportation. How to provide cost-effective business in a timely, agile and scalable manner and adopt new business models to realize cash is a common challenge faced by operators

at the 2020 Huawei software forum, Martin creaner, former president of the TM forum, pointed out that it is crucial for operators to develop business supporting platforms and develop the best business model in order to serve the vertical industry. What are the data collection frequency requirements? The next generation business support system (BSS) will play an important role

for example, the workshops of iron and steel enterprises have been in high temperature and high noise environment for a long time, and there are many potential safety hazards. A Chinese steel plant cooperates with operators to deploy 5g customer terminal equipment (CPE) and HD cameras in the workshop, and build a 5ggb/t 5280 ⑵ 002 rib link for self tapping screws between 5g enterprise special and workshop crane and remote control system, so as to meet the requirements of programmable logic controller (PLC) 30 millisecond delay and uplink rate of more than 50 Mbps in the production process of the steel plant, so that technicians can carry out remote control in the central control room, Improve work safety, production efficiency and product quality. Through the digital operation platform, operators are equipped with self-service management portal, provide network as a service (naas) and open markets for various industrial applications, so as to realize the flexible combination, easy purchase and automatic activation of experimental data services made in the future by the digital industry due to the screw rod if there is a gap, and reduce the operation cost by 20%

at the same time, an operator in Europe is deploying 5g specialty in the park and needs a unified digital operation platform to realize mobile connection, edge computing and IOT business operations. The platform allows customers to manage their network connections by themselves through portal functions, helping enterprises achieve the necessary autonomy; Flexible product portfolio capabilities help operators quickly launch, market and operate their products

to summarize the above scenarios, the digital operation platform is a necessary function of the 5g new production scenario, which supports the industry to establish a dedicated 5g slice or special line, flexibly combine and quickly launch products, and enable enterprises to realize autonomous management through the customer portal. Therefore, Huawei launched a slice management platform (csmf+) based on global best practices and advanced development principles, which has the following characteristics:

1. Cloud native platform

Huawei csmf+ platform adopts cloud native architecture design. With Devops (development is operation) and ci/cd (continuous integration and continuous delivery) processes, accelerate the development and implementation cycle, from months to weeks or days. Csmf+ also supports future businesses such as consumers, enterprises, families and IOT. The platform realizes business flexibility through the separation of business layer and technology layer. The business layer presets standardized business processes to support centralized operation and 5g business management, which is a very cost-effective choice

2. Business oriented agile

5g era will have a large number of products to meet the needs of different vertical industries. The business support system (BSS) platform must have the key capabilities of agility and business orientation. Huawei's csmf+ platform provides out of the box templates and processes to meet the needs of different industry scenarios. Csmf+ platform is also configurable, which can shorten the time to market (TTM) from months and weeks to days, provide test tools and development environment for operators and partners, help them quickly deliver local requirements, achieve rapid expansion and business upgrading, and meet the requirements of vertical industries

3. Open for the future

Huawei csmf+ platform has built-in mature business enabling capabilities, which are abstracted and encapsulated into APIs for use by the industry to help operators realize 5g new opportunities and deal with complex 5g use cases. Csmf+ platform provides three levels of openness: first, it provides existing open APIs, including slice management, member management and slice monitoring; Secondly, use integration tools to design and build new APIs on demand; Finally, continue to enrich the open API to meet the needs of on-site agile development. Through openness, operators can effectively accelerate the realization of business from concept to listing, reduce it costs, and improve the digital customer experience

for example, Martin creaner emphasized at the Huawei software forum that the platform based approach provides an excellent opportunity for success in the future digital economy. Operators need advanced BSS capabilities to create business opportunities for enterprises. Industry digitalization has begun, and the speed will be faster and faster in the future. We need to take immediate action to transform the BSS system, enable 5g to operate for enterprises and accelerate 5g liquidation

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