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Global transformer King: he is less than 5 feet tall but monopolizes technology, with an annual revenue of 50 billion yuan. At present, the monopoly of many technologies abroad gives our country a great headache, such as chips, aeroengines and so on. He not only sees others take huge profits, but also is often angry. The previous experience of ZTE group is a good example

however, in the transformer industry, especially in the sub field of UHV, a private enterprise called TBEA in China monopolized the core technology, developed the world's first UHV Transformer with more than 800 kV, and became the world's largest transformer manufacturer, making China's UHV Alcoa company conducting technical trials in Pittsburgh and Cleveland. The voltage standard has become the world standard, It can be said to be the pride of the country

although Zhang Xin, chairman of TBEA group, is less than 5 feet tall, he is known as the king of transformers. He led the enterprise from the brink of bankruptcy. For example, this year, the revenue exceeded 50billion yuan, and the industrial added value reached 42billion yuan, making outstanding contributions to the transformer industry of the motherland

Zhang Xin was born in 1962 and later worked in the predecessor of TBEA (Changji transformer factory), but the factory was in danger of closure due to poor management. At this time, Zhang Xin had an opportunity to transfer to a better place of work, but he stayed under the persuasion of his master and was elected as the factory director

taking over this mess is a great test for Zhang xinlai. In order to save money, he took the lead in pulling materials to build factories by himself. When he was short of funds, he went to the bank every day to ask for a loan from the leadership. He stayed in the factory for more than ten hours every day to do a good job in production with the workers, and also took time to contact the business to sell the products. With Zhang Xin's desperate efforts, the transformer factory finally turned losses into profits

in order to make the factory survive and develop for a long time, Zhang Xin realized that there was no way out of making ordinary transformers. After some research, he decided to make UHV transformers, but this kind of transformer has few customers, and it is very complex and cumbersome to do. Many peers can't do it, and even if they can, they are unwilling to do it

a successful person is to do what others cannot do, that is, to do what others are unwilling to do. Zhang Xin was determined to win this hard bone. First, he squeezed out the output pressure rating of the chuck controller, and invited experts to do research and development. Then he borrowed money to buy the corresponding equipment and raw materials. Finally, he went to sell his products. His efforts paid off. Zhang Xin finally achieved success and received national recognition and rewards

in the early 1990s, the country began to carry out the reform of state-owned enterprises. Zhang Xin and the management turned TBEA into a private enterprise through the share reform. After the reform was successful, Zhang Xin implemented competitive employment, eliminated some muddling employees, and introduced talented fresh blood

in this way, the enterprise has developed rapidly, and was successfully listed in 1997, becoming the first listed enterprise in China's transformer industry. With money, Zhang Xin began to carry out mergers and acquisitions and expansion, and gradually became the leader of the domestic industry

Zhang Xin attaches great importance to research and development, has invested billions and obtained hundreds of patents, and the transformers produced have reached the international leading level, directly seizing a lot of foreign market share, and has won the admiration of domestic peers with the monopoly of several core technologies

like Napoleon, Zhang Xin conquered one market after another in the world, but many people can't realize the hardships and tiredness he has endured in decades. Zhang Xin often said that only countries have accurate printing data, and only the prosperity of the motherland can provide very good conditions for many enterprises, which is one of the very important reasons for his success

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