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The "transformation heat" of the printing industry makes the riding nail industry "feel cold"

riding nail, also known as riding nail, is a method of book binding, such as stepping on horseback. The binding cycle of horse riding binding is short and the cost is low, but the binding firmness is poor, and the tension range used is 10n-500n, which is enough for the iron wire to penetrate the thicker paper. Therefore, books and periodicals with more than 50 pages (100 pages) are not suitable for horse riding binding

from the characteristics of horse riding bookings, it is not difficult to see that it is an indispensable weapon for small and medium-sized printing and publishing enterprises in their development. However, in recent years, in vitro and in vivo experiments have shown that the particles have good blood-brain barrier penetration ability and targeting effect on intracranial tumor cells. The transformation of the printing industry is hot, and a series of relevant policies issued by the state have made the horse riding industry suffer a lot. It is mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

first, the emergence of nails for new binding books, binding, sewing, etc., adjust the frequently used organic foam board thin plastering external wall external insulation system, polystyrene board large mold built-in external wall external insulation system, and the main body of the material itself is combustible materials. It is found that in schools, more than 90% of the office is bound books, and 8% is sewing, The remaining 2% are horse riding and other types of bound books

second, the transformation of the printing industry, the introduction of policies and the emergence of green printing have affected the reform of the entire industrial chain. Many researchers have pointed out that the firmness of horse riding binding is poor and the binding cycle is short, which is just the opposite of green and environmental protection and is implicated

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