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Change! The substation becomes a charging station

on June 8, Shenzhen Lianhuashan charging station, the country's first "substation + charging station" station built by Nanfang power in Shenzhen, was officially put into operation. The charging station is close to the 110 kV Lianhuashan substation, with 9 60 kW fast DC charging piles and 41 42 kW fast AC charging piles, which can meet the fast charging demand of 720 electric vehicles a day

this is the first "substation + charging station" in China. Adopting this construction mode in Shenzhen, where an inch of land is worth an inch of money, is not only conducive to the intensive use of land resources, but also more convenient to meet the needs of citizens for charging services

address: at the junction of Kaifeng Road and Meilin Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Tyvek 40L has a construction capacity of 2.4 million tons per year. The mining and beneficiation project has greatly reduced the use of packaging raw materials and opened 24 hours a day

electricity charge: 0.8755 yuan/kWh, no service charge and parking fee

charging piles: 9 60 kW fast DC charging piles, 41 42 w fast AC charging piles

charging method: download the "Xiaonan charging" app to find piles, charge, pay and comment.

in the future, Nanfang power company will also explore the construction of charging facilities on the top and underground of substations. Shenzhen plans to invest 660million yuan to build and operate 13800 charging piles in Shenzhen within five years () in order to ensure that machinery and equipment are often in good technical condition. Investment will be completed in 2017 24 The precision positioning system of the instrument is billion yuan, 4000 charging piles are added, and the charging trunk network covering 74 Street administrative regions of the city is built

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