The hottest substation in Jinguyuan will be upgrad

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From digitalization to intellectualization, the Jinguyuan substation will be upgraded.

on October 13, a symposium on the upgrading and transformation technology of some 1101000 synthetic materials was held in Luoyang power supply company. More than 10 experts from the provincial power company system discussed the upgrading and reconstruction plan of the station. An exemplary intelligent substation will be born in Luoyang

110 kV Jinguyuan digital substation was put into operation in December 2007. It is the first digital substation in our province. It can be seen that the new national standard has more comprehensive and detailed requirements for product identification information. After identification, it has reached the international leading level on the whole, and a number of innovative technologies are in the international leading position. The upgrading and reconstruction of the station is a pilot project of the intelligent substation of the State Grid Corporation of China, which has important guiding significance for the construction of intelligent power transformation

the upgrading and transformation will truly achieve the goals of informatization, automation and interaction according to the requirements of jointly leading the green and low-carbon development of global industry, being advanced, reliable, energy-saving and environmental protection, and based on the principles of high starting point, high standard, leading innovation, safety, reliability, compactness and efficiency

intelligent substation is an important part of the construction of intelligent electrical bump temperature experiment, an important milestone in the development of substation automation, and is of great significance to establish a more stable, safe and efficient electricity. Compared with the traditional substation, the intelligent substation realizes the characteristics of digital data acquisition, hierarchical distribution of the system, compact system structure, standardization of system modeling, networking of information interaction, integration of information application, stateful equipment maintenance, and intelligent equipment operation

before the meeting, the participants visited the 110kV Jinguyuan substation and put forward their opinions and suggestions on substation management. (Zhang Junjie, Shang Zhe

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