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Nearly 1.4 billion subsidies for purchasing agricultural machinery will be allocated

4. There is no need to plug and unplug all kinds of control boards and plugs. It was learned from the Anhui agricultural machinery work conference held in Hefei yesterday that nearly 1.4 billion subsidies for purchasing machinery will be allocated to all regions. The main objectives of the development of Agricultural Mechanization in Anhui Province this year are: the total power of agricultural machinery is 69 million KW, the comprehensive mechanization level of crop cultivation is more than 75%, there are 4000 Professional Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, and the total revenue of agricultural mechanization management services is 60billion yuan. Build 100 full range agricultural service centers

relying on agricultural machinery professional cooperatives, Anhui Province will focus on building 100 comprehensive full range agricultural service centers this year, which will be included in the 2017 agricultural mechanization industry development project, and each center will be given a construction subsidy of 10000 yuan

the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Bureau requires that all localities should closely integrate the support of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives with the construction of comprehensive whole process agricultural service centers. We will help cooperatives develop cross regional operation markets, give priority to arranging them to undertake agricultural machinery operation subsidy projects, carry out the establishment of cooperative model cooperatives and the "joint construction of enterprises and cooperatives" and "joint construction of banks and cooperatives", coordinate with relevant departments to implement construction land policies, provide credit and financial support, and improve the functions of comprehensive whole process agricultural service centers

subsidies for key machines and tools will be open

it is understood that this year, the central agricultural machinery purchase subsidy fund is arranged for 1.395.7 billion yuan in our province, which will reach all regions in the near future. Open subsidies will be given to key machines and tools that are advanced and suitable, urgently needed for production, and green and environmental protection. The Provincial Agricultural Machinery Bureau stressed that the local agricultural machinery departments will be held accountable for failing to discover the violations of production and marketing enterprises in time, resulting in adverse effects and serious consequences

at the same time, Anhui Province will actively explore and carry out the pilot of large-scale agricultural machinery financial leasing and the pilot of straw returning subsidies, and make a combination of policy support. We will intensify the pilot work of subsidies for the scrapping and renewal of agricultural machinery, and speed up the elimination of old agricultural machinery with high energy consumption, heavy pollution and insecurity. This year, 6.5 million mu of land will be subsoiled

the target task of agricultural machinery subsoiling and land preparation in the province this year is 6.5 million mu. In order to promote this work, the Ministry of agriculture coordinated with the Ministry of finance to obtain 2billion yuan of special subsidy funds. All parts of Anhui Province will encourage agricultural machinery cooperatives, especially ministerial and provincial model cooperatives, to undertake operational tasks through the purchase of services, public bidding and other means

at the same time, actively guide the operators to install information detection devices on the work tools, and use information technology means to implement real-time monitoring and remote assay high configuration testing machine configuration process monitoring, so as to ensure that the quality and area of work are in place. In addition, the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Bureau requires all localities to strictly supervise the operation subsidy funds, manage and use the operation subsidy funds well, and never allow the behaviors of withholding, misappropriating and cheating the subsidy funds

Anhui Province will focus on the construction of five ministerial full mechanization demonstration project areas in Yongqiao District, Huoqiu County, Tianchang City, Huaining County and Woyang county this year, and strive to create another national full mechanization demonstration county. The Provincial Bureau of agricultural machinery requires that all localities should actively carry out the creation of full mechanized demonstration townships (towns), villages and demonstration films in combination with the implementation of provincial projects

as far as Anhui Province is concerned, there is still a long way to go for the mechanization of the whole process of major crop production, especially the mechanization level of straw returning to the field, water-saving irrigation, grain drying and other links, there is still much room for improvement. In this regard, all regions are widely used in chemical catalysts, pesticides, solid rocket propellants, explosives, metal flash coatings, anti-corrosion materials, conductive coatings, aerated concrete aerators, steel deoxidizers, refractories, thermite alloys, thermal spraying composite powders, photovoltaic solar cell slurry, foam aluminum materials and other fields. We should vigorously promote standardized rice seedling raising and machine transplanting, standardized machine sowing and joint harvest of corn, Advanced and applicable technologies such as deep loosening of soil, returning straw to the field, precision sowing, deep application of chemical fertilizer, efficient plant protection, and grain drying should be popularized and applied at an accelerated pace. We will focus on promoting the construction of facility agriculture and the mechanized production of characteristic and advantageous agricultural products in mountainous areas plus the measurement range of digital disk on the rotary track, and promote the application of facility agricultural equipment technology and the mechanized production and processing technology of characteristic and advantageous agricultural products in mountainous areas, with tea, chestnut, hickory and moso bamboo as the focus

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