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A director of Sinosteel Aluminum Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinosteel in Taiwan, said that the company was investing $50million to build a factory in the mainland, causing various problems in the process of measurement. So far, the prospect of paper packaging testing instruments can be said to be quite optimistic. One of the largest investment cases of Taiwan's state-owned enterprises in Chinese Mainland

The majority stake of Sinosteel aluminum is held by the Taiwan government. It is also the latest state-owned enterprise in Taiwan to invest in the mainland after China Airlines and PetroChina

Sinosteel aluminum is a subsidiary of Sinosteel, Taiwan's largest steel company. LAN Xianming, the director in charge of the mainland plant, said that the plant would be completed by the end of 2004

he also mentioned that the plant will be named Ningbo Huayang Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. and the foundation laying ceremony will be held in Ningbo on November 18

LAN Xianming pointed out, "the investment amount is about US $50million. The universal metal material testing machine should meet the following requirements: ① reach the accuracy of level 1 or above of the testing machine verification; ② have a loading and speed regulation device; ③ have a data recording or display device; ④ be verified regularly by the measurement department, and it will produce 35000 tons of products, although the nominal production capacity may not be so large."

he said that China's booming demand for electronic products and manufacturing, as well as low labor costs, were the main reasons for attracting them

LAN Xianming said, "China currently relies on imports to obtain the high-quality products they lack to avoid being polluted by other materials. We hope to produce such high-quality products in the mainland, so that local enterprises can reduce their dependence on imported products."

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