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In recent years, the "China heavy truck staff hospital" has firmly inherited and solidly implemented a series of advanced corporate cultural concepts, such as "China heavy truck", "building high-quality products with personality and contributing to the society with high-quality products", and gradually explored a way to practice the advanced corporate culture The road of "cultural promotion and scientific development" to improve the quality of medical services, create a "family hospital" culture, and realize the upgrading of hospital management:

first, the implementation of the core values of SINOTRUK "building excellent products with personality and contributing to the society with excellent products" is the "guiding light" for our hospital to realize the function of "serving employees and benefiting the society"

as a staff hospital of a large and medium-sized state-owned enterprise directly under the group company, for a long time, the academic style of our "heavy truck hospital" has always maintained pragmatic research, and the medical ethics has maintained the unique simplicity and kindness of Huanghe people and heavy truck people. In particular, in recent years, our "heavy truck hospital" has taken the opportunity to meet the grade evaluation of provincial and municipal level general hospitals, and has achieved remarkable results in continuously improving various systems and continuous improvement through carrying out the party's mass line education and practice activities, focusing on the theme of "quality, safety, service, management and performance" according to strict evaluation standards

second, the firm implementation of the enterprise's core competitiveness of "adhering to people-oriented and honest China heavy truck" is the "power source" for our heavy truck hospital to implement the development strategy of "improving service quality and building a family hospital"

in SINOTRUK, we carry out the enterprise tenet of "adhering to people-oriented and honest sinotruk", actively build a stage for front-line employees to display their talents, and strive to achieve the growth and common development of the enterprise and employees. At the same time, our company also adheres to the user-centered principle of honesty, trustworthiness and promise, establishes mutually beneficial and win-win family relations with users, and finally forms a stable mechanism to maintain long-term harmonious development within the enterprise

recently, our "heavy truck hospital" has standardized the pre job training for new medical personnel, as well as the "three basics and three strictness" of on-the-job medical personnel, and the training and examination of health laws and regulations adhere to the open development. Among them, we have mainly taken four measures; First, organize business lectures in the hospital, which are mainly led and explained by the directors of various departments and business backbones; Second, through the "going out and inviting in" method, business backbones were selected to go to the "three a" hospital for clinical training, go out to attend classes and seminars, invite experts from higher-level hospitals to give lectures and consultations, and invite experts and professors to provide technical guidance. In particular, through the on-site training and guidance of hospital grade evaluation experts, the management awareness was significantly improved. Third, carry out technical competition activities. In October last year, our hospital organized medical staff to compete in CPR technology, which improved the operating skills and theoretical level of medical staff. Fourth, urge employees to participate in the public course examination of continuing medical education, achieve 95% of credits and publish 49 papers

third, strive to practice the responsibility of "serving employees and benefiting the society", which is the "climbing ladder" for our heavy truck hospital to achieve "management level and service satisfaction"

at present, our heavy truck hospital is in the process of a new round of comprehensive hospital grade review

to this end, first of all, we have established and improved various rules and regulations and improved the quality management organization system. In accordance with the requirements of the new grade evaluation standard for class II general hospitals, we reviewed and improved 365 hospital rules and regulations and 87 work processes, revised the job responsibilities of all staff, and established and improved the hospital emergency management mechanism; Further improve the hospital quality and safety management committee, readjust the members of the medical quality and safety management committee, nursing quality and safety management committee, hospital infection management committee, pharmacy and therapeutics Management Committee, blood transfusion management committee, medical record management committee and clinical use safety management committee of medical devices, clarify the responsibilities of each Committee, improve the working system, and hold regular meetings, The research and solution of relevant problems have laid a good foundation for us to judge the long-term service temperature of materials from the RTI value in UL yellow card

secondly, we have strictly standardized our practice and seriously implemented the medical access system. First, we formulated the "major surgery catalogue", revised and standardized the "major surgery approval form", and approved 4 major surgeries throughout the year; The second is to develop a directory of high-risk diagnosis and treatment technologies for invasive operation, include six kinds of operations such as modified radical mastectomy for breast cancer in the directory of high-risk diagnosis and treatment, and include gastroscope and enteroscope in the directory of high-risk diagnosis and treatment technologies of our hospital, and authorize 7 doctors who meet the requirements, including 1 re authorization of anesthesia. Third, we organized training for medical personnel to practice in accordance with the law, and completed the archives of hospital practice in accordance with the law in 2013. Throughout the year, it organized 24 trainings on national laws and regulations, hospital rules and regulations, and diagnosis and treatment technology, which improved the employees' consciousness of practicing according to law

thirdly, we have continued to strengthen the management of medical quality and safety to ensure that the medical staff and the hospitalized people are "at ease and satisfied" with our medical services. Medical quality and safety is the core of hospital management and an important part of hospital grade evaluation. On the basis of adhering to the president's administrative ward round system, a new mechanism was added in the second half of last year, in which the deputy leaders of the hospital must go deep into the departments twice a month to inspect and guide the work. At the same time, we have also strengthened the supervision and inspection of various functional departments. According to the evaluation standards of the superior, the management of the weak links found was strengthened to effectively prevent the occurrence of medical errors and accidents

in addition, in recent years, our heavy truck hospital has also put forward the service concept of "three everything" and "five heart service": that is, taking "everything is convenient for the patient, everything is beneficial to the patient, and everything serves the patient" as the starting point for the hospital to amplify the number of effective pulses by four times. 1. The maximum static experimental force: 2Kn. Departments and personnel should be anxious for the patient and think about the patient in daily medical and nursing activities, Provide all-round high-quality services throughout the process, and effectively solve the problems of employees' uneasiness, inconvenience and dissatisfaction. "Five heart service" means to treat patients with compassion and serve them enthusiastically; Be full of heart to the patient and patiently answer questions for the patient; Caring for patients is better than loving like relatives. We require all employees of the hospital to provide "five heart" services throughout the whole process of medical services, and make "serving patients wholeheartedly" become the development consensus of China Heavy Duty Truck staff hospital

in a word, we believe that although China National Heavy Duty Truck staff hospital has only taken a very small step in practicing corporate culture, improving medical quality, and creating a "family hospital", the medical management innovation it has implemented may be insignificant compared with its peers in the society

however, we are determined and confident that under the correct leadership of China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation and the support and guidance of provincial and municipal medical and health authorities at all levels, our heavy duty truck hospital will continue to take new steps to satisfy the medical staff and the general public in implementing the advanced corporate culture, improving the quality of medical services, and creating a "hospital with family satisfaction"

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