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Sinotruk held the 17th second employee (member) Congress

sinotruk held the 17th second employee (member) Congress

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Guide: on April 28, the 17th second employee (member) Congress of SINOTRUK group was held in Jinan. The meeting reviewed the work report made by general manager Caidong on behalf of the group company, the financial work report made by chief accountant wanchunling, and the written report on the work of the trade union made by trade union chairman liguoxian

on April 28, the 17th second staff (member) Congress of SINOTRUK group was held in Jinan

the conference reviewed the work report made by general manager Caidong on behalf of the group company, the financial work report made by chief accountant wanchunling, and the written report on the work of the trade union made by trade union chairman liguoxian. The conference discussed and passed the resolutions of the conference, and successfully completed various agenda items. The conference also commended the 2012 model worker of the group company, and weizhihai, deputy secretary of the Party committee, read out the commendation decision

machunji, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of the group company, made an important speech at the meeting

2012 is the most severe year for the automobile industry in China in recent years. In the face of difficulties, all the cadres and employees of SINOTRUK have actively done a good job in the second stage of the great project of "Second Entrepreneurship", paid more attention to the quality and benefit, and implemented the general requirements of mode transformation and structure adjustment into the specific work of production and operation. The enterprise has maintained a healthy operation

the market situation in 2013 is extremely complex, and the competition will be more intense. In order to develop and make progress, enterprises must follow the requirements of the forced mechanism, pay solid attention to management, seriously pay attention to quality, and really want benefits. Based on a careful analysis of the economic situation and market characteristics, sinotruk established 2013 as the "year of quality and benefit improvement". The general guiding ideology is: conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, vigorously implement the great project of "Second Entrepreneurship", actively promote the new improvement of international and domestic business network level, new achievements in quality brand building ability, new mode of cost reduction and efficiency increase mechanism construction, strengthen management, refine processes, prevent risks and create new ideas for sustainable development, constantly write a new chapter of scientific development, and realize the new brilliance of SINOTRUK

focusing on the full implementation of the great project of "secondary entrepreneurship" and doing a good job in the "year of quality and benefit improvement", Ma Chunji pointed out that the great project of "secondary entrepreneurship" is a strong driving force for sinotruk to achieve new development under the new situation

machunji said that at the 2011 workers' Congress, the group issued a general mobilization order for the full implementation of the great project of "Second Entrepreneurship". Now, two years have passed, and the heavy truck industry has undergone profound changes. The production and sales volume of the industry dropped from more than 1 million at that time to more than 600000 last year, a drop of more than 40%. Under the severe market situation and in the fierce competition, sinotruk also suffered from a series of problems, such as the decline of total sales and the slowdown of capital turnover. However, the group adheres to the basic policy of "secondary entrepreneurship", adheres to the scientificoutlookondevelopment, adheres to the main line of transformation and structure adjustment, and adheres to the general requirement that quality is the first priority and efficiency is the central task, In the past two years, the "Second Entrepreneurship" has created many new bright spots, and these bright spots are becoming growth points. Focusing on these bright spots and growth points will certainly become a new advantage for the development of enterprises

to develop into a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales, we must have a unified understanding that our second venture is a "second venture" that faces a sharp decline in the market, stands firm and adheres to scientific development; It is a "second undertaking" that focuses on quality improvement, benefit growth and product structure optimization and adjustment; It is to strengthen the ability to develop both international and domestic markets, continuously enhance the ability to prevent internal risks, realize the upgrading of enterprises and ensure the "secondary entrepreneurship" of sustainable development. Now, we can proudly say that the people of SINOTRUK are defeating their rivals and themselves, creating advantages and creating brilliance. This is our true interpretation of the comprehensive implementation of the great project of "secondary entrepreneurship"

Ma Chunji pointed out that the improvement of quality and benefit is the theme of the great project of "Second Entrepreneurship". Since 2013, although the macro environment has improved, the economic situation is still not optimistic. The heavy truck market continues to show a downward trend, and the loss situation of the whole industry has not been improved. If an enterprise wants to develop, it must insist on putting quality and efficiency in a prominent position. Therefore, the group decided to establish 2013 as the "year of quality and benefit improvement". All departments, units and all employees should further unify their thinking and improve their understanding of the great significance of the "year of quality and benefit improvement"

carrying out the activity of "quality and benefit improvement year" in depth is a fundamental measure to implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and realize the sustainable development of enterprises. It is an urgent requirement to create new advantages for the development of enterprises. It is of special significance to promote the optimization and adjustment of product structure. It is a key measure to ensure the successful production and effectiveness of man tech products, and also an important measure to safeguard the fundamental interests of employees

Ma Chunji stressed that to improve quality and benefit, we must make real efforts in the implementation of measures. "It's better to shake off your arms than to cry out." Only by implementing the measures can we achieve the goals and objectives

as for quality improvement, he required that, first, quality must be grasped with perseverance, patience and perseverance. There should be both long-term goals and short-term arrangements; We should not only have the general requirements for quality improvement, but also constantly decompose and implement quality improvement measures. Second, quality improvement is a long-term task. The design and manufacturing unit must speak year by year, month by month and day by day, so that quality improvement becomes the basic consciousness and behavior of each employee of SINOTRUK and the first requirement of each unit. This is what we call "creating high-quality products with character and contributing to the society with high-quality products". Third, quality depends on professional strength and the participation of all staff. Quality improvement is a whole process work of the whole staff. From technical design, process formulation, manufacturing operation, supply guarantee to after-sales service, every participant and every link post are important components. Fourth, quality management is scientific, so we should carefully study the internal laws of financial support from the Federal Ministry of education and research of Germany, and study the solidification of system and process, so as to have rules to follow

as for the improvement of benefits, Ma Chunji required that the first market person analyzed and pointed out that the improvement of benefits is directly related to the survival and development of enterprises. Benefit is the concrete expression of an enterprise's operation ability and achievements, so focusing on benefit is to improve the operation ability. Each post should constantly take new measures and create new operation modes and methods according to the changing objective and subjective conditions. In a sense, innovation ability is the improvement of adaptability. Second, the marketing system should focus on improving the market share and strengthen the awareness of innovation. It is necessary to carefully study how to use modern information means to establish a new relationship with end users, more capture the demand information of end customers, better turn the handle back to the middle position (plumb state) to improve the quality and level of after-sales service, improve the operation efficiency of the main business unit headquarters and regional companies, let the front-line marketing personnel go to the battle with light equipment, and devote more energy to developing the market and serving users. After this year's efforts, we will further optimize our market share structure and substantially increase the market share of tractors and special vehicles; Make the five platform products seize the market space as soon as possible, and man's technology products have a shot; So that our international market has really improved, and our layout in both international and domestic markets has become more scientific and reasonable. Third, we should work hard to optimize the allocation of human resources. We should match key and important posts with key and important backbone talents, so that key and important posts can receive their due income. Scientific human resource allocation plan is the fundamental organizational guarantee measure for improving quality and efficiency. All units should have innovative plans and arrangements to ensure the stable and healthy development of the enterprise. Fourth, we should tap the potential of production capacity and improve the competitiveness of enterprises. It is necessary to ensure that the core technology products come from our own processing and manufacturing, and the original outsourced and purchased products should be scientifically incorporated into the enterprise processing and self-control as soon as possible. All manufacturing units should be responsible for the survival and development of the enterprise and the vital interests of employees, and conscientiously implement this work. There is great potential for benefits here

Ma Chunji pointed out that the relationship between quality and benefit should be carefully handled to improve quality and benefit. To improve quality is to improve efficiency. Quality is the embodiment of fundamental interests and long-term interests, so it is the first priority to improve quality. Only by continuously improving the efficiency can we ensure that the enterprise has the ability to occupy the market, has the funds to improve the product technology level, and has the conditions to improve the overall quality management level. Therefore, quality and efficiency complement each other and cannot be opposed or separated. It is necessary to hold "No. 1 meeting" and "No. 2 meeting" well, which is an important part of the overall arrangement for the year of quality and benefit improvement

Ma Chunji finally stressed that the improvement of quality and benefit is the joint action of the whole group. Measures should be carefully formulated in the whole process from product design and manufacturing to logistics procurement to improve quality, reduce cost and increase efficiency. Financial units, real estate companies, government agencies, hospitals, property management, passenger transport business units and other units should carefully contact their own reality, improve their quality and achieve development. In a word, in the year of quality and benefit improvement, all should be mobilized to make joint efforts for the new achievements of the great project of "Second Entrepreneurship"; The great project of the second venture should be carried on without hesitation. We should concentrate on not believing in evil, rumors or any interference, and remove all obstacles, so as to create a world for the second venture and create new advantages for sinotruk

focusing on the main work in 2013, Caidong required in his work report that the whole group should further unify their understanding, strengthen their confidence, comprehensively do a good job in the third stage of the great project of "Second Entrepreneurship", practically change the development mode, carry out in-depth activities to improve quality and efficiency, and create new advantages for the development of SINOTRUK. Focus on the following tasks: first, vigorously improve product quality to ensure the realization of T13 quality objectives; Second, carry out cost reduction and efficiency increase activities in an all-round way to ensure that the enterprise benefits maintain the industry leading level; Third, take the launch of man technology products as an opportunity to create new advantages in product structure; Fourth, vigorously carry out marketing model innovation to promote the new promotion of the international and domestic markets; Fifth, we should effectively change our work style and steadily promote party building and the building of a contingent of talents; Sixth, adhere to the people-oriented principle, continue to do a good job in safeguarding the interests of employees, and continuously improve the income level of all employees on the basis of the healthy development of enterprise operation and the continuous improvement of benefits

leaders of the group company wanghaotao, Yu Youde, tongjingen, Liu Wei, kongxiangquan, liupeimin and xuxiangyang attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by liguoxian

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