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Sinotruk's "Xingdong 2013 truck summer camp" welcomes passengers from all over the world

sinotruk's "Xingdong 2013 truck summer camp" welcomes passengers from all over the world

and the achievement of the goal of automobile lightweight information of China Construction Machinery

Guide: it's a pleasure to have friends from afar. On August 20, the opening ceremony of the T-series product model 2013 truck summer camp hosted by China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation opened in Jinan truck Co., Ltd., and the user representatives of the first hwo-t7h product from 33 cities in China gathered in Quancheng. This event aims to

it's a pleasure to have friends coming from afar. On August 20, the opening ceremony of T series product "model · dynamic 2013 truck summer camp" hosted by China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation opened in Jinan truck Co., Ltd., and user representatives of the first hwo-t7h product from 33 cities in China gathered in Quancheng. The purpose of this activity is to publicize the corporate culture and product positioning of SINOTRUK, so that all campers can truly experience the high-end service and quality enjoyment of high-end heavy trucks

Yu Youde, deputy general manager of China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation and chairman of Jinan truck Co., Ltd., attended the opening ceremony and expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the user representatives who participated in this summer camp. He said that howo-t7h is a new generation of high-end heavy truck which has been launched simultaneously at home and abroad and has been painstakingly developed by sinotruk for more than three years and has fully introduced, digested and absorbed German Mann technology. Before listing, it has attracted great attention from the industry. Since its official sales, it has received more than 1200 orders. The market has responded well, which will bring considerable revenue and surprises to the majority of users

zero distance experience

howo-t7h is the main product highlight of this summer camp. Of course, we will not miss the opportunity to let users have close contact with it. At the event site, many users took photos with howo-t7h with their cameras, and went to the cab to personally feel the streamline and comfort of the product. After visiting the world's advanced modern vehicle and parts production line, some users said that after witnessing the whole process of high-quality heavy truck production, they were sincerely proud of their choice of heavy truck products

Yun Qingtian, Sales Department of SINOTRUK, said that howo-t7h has attracted much attention since its grand launch in December last year. On the basis of howo-a7 series models, this series of heavy trucks are matched with German Mann technology engine, single-stage reduction axle and related assemblies and parts, making its reliability, economy and technical indicators reach an excellent level. The howo-t7h cab is divided into two types: wide body and medium wide body. The indoor configuration is divided into luxury, promotion and standard. Its matching principle is suitable for the aesthetic and use characteristics of individual vehicles. It has the active and passive safety performance of the world's top heavy trucks. Its humanized index design and use function configuration meet the driving habits and use requirements of modern drivers and passengers. The whole vehicle matching design focuses on the reliability, economy, safety and environmental adaptability of the product. It is an upgraded Chinese heavy truck, which has won the praise and favor of the majority of users

win good reputation

at the launching ceremony of the summer camp, song Anwen, a truck driver from Mengcheng County, Bozhou City, Anhui Province, described his deep friendship with heavy truck products

in 2004, song Anwen purchased two HOWO tractors produced by China National Heavy Duty Truck. These two tractors have been used for nearly 4 years and have both run more than 300000 kilometers. The cars have been in good use all the time. There are almost no problems with large components such as engine and gearbox. It is because he took a fancy to the high quality of HOWO products. In 2007, after the two vehicles were sold, he bought another HOWO tractor with 375 horsepower. Up to now, this tractor has been pulling goods in Xinjiang with great strength and low fuel consumption

song's market competitiveness was further improved. Attention to howo-t7h began last year. At that time, he heard about this car from an automobile dealer in Mengcheng County. It is said that this car has the engine, girder and 1. 5% of German Mann technology When the concrete pressure testing machine is used, the power supply voltage must be accurate; The rear axle is not only powerful, but also very fuel-efficient. The service life of the engine is up to 1.5 million km. The engine oil needs to be changed once every 60000 km, and the gear oil of the rear axle needs to be changed once every 100000 km. In Song Anwen's opinion, these are incomparable to other trucks in China. So in April this year, when the car was sold in Mengcheng County, he became the first user to buy it

"up to now, my car has run nearly 30000 kilometers, and there is no fault except that the sensor of the exhaust brake has been broken. Although the price of the product seems to be a little more expensive, in the long run, the fuel and maintenance savings add up to a lot of money." Songanwen made such an account. He pulled large-scale equipment from Wuxi to Guangxi, and the weight of the whole vehicle was more than 60 tons. Howo-t7h ran faster than the Jiefang J6 in the same industry, regardless of whether it was flat or uphill, and saved about 20 cents a kilometer than Jiefang J6. Songanwen, who felt the benefits, recommended howo-t7h to his sports car friends. Many of them also became members of the heavy truck family

in the next few days of summer camp activities, user representatives will go to Qingdao Beer Festival to experience the happy Carnival and delicious snacks there

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