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China National Heavy Duty Truck Finance Corporation won the 2015 national industry class a rating

China National Heavy Duty Truck Finance Corporation won the 2015 national industry class a rating

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recently, the China Association of finance companies released the 2015 industry rating results of China Enterprise Group Finance Corporation. The rated samples of China National Heavy Duty Truck Finance Corporation Limited should not have wrinkles or excessive 4-week tension. The highest grade a finance company, This road of life marks that sinotruk Finance Corporation has entered the ranks of domestic advanced finance companies. A total of 222 financial companies participated in this industry rating, including 68 class A, 116 class B and 38 class C. According to the industry classification standards, class a financial companies are the highest level innovative financial companies, and most of the financial companies that have obtained such ratings are financial companies subordinate to central enterprises. Two financial companies in Shandong Province have obtained class a rating

the content of this rating includes 4 aspects, including capital centralized management ability, operation and service ability, risk management ability and profitability, and 17 specific indicators. In 2015, with the strong support of the banking regulatory bureau, the people's Bank of China, the Shandong provincial finance office and other government agencies, sinotruk Finance Corporation gave full play to the role of a financial platform, continuously improved the ability of centralized capital management and control and the level of capital operation, reduced the overall financing cost of the group company, and actively carried out the financial service business of the industrial chain around the "innovation and upgrading action plan" and "brand, quality and benefit upgrading year" activities of SINOTRUK, Effectively prevent and control various financial risks, and all indicators have reached the level of domestic advanced financial companies

it is reported that China National Heavy Duty Truck Finance Corporation will continue to expand its international business scope and expand its international business scale while doing a better job in the domestic financial service business covering the restrictions on the raw material components and additives used in the products

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