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China has developed a new type of oxygen sensor and oxygen meter. A new type of oxygen sensor and oxygen meter with independent intellectual property rights has been successfully developed by Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and recently passed the expert appraisal organized by Jilin Provincial Department of science and technology

it is understood that the analysis and determination of oxygen are widely used in many fields, such as medicine, biology, industrial energy, environmental protection, etc. The consumption of oxygen sensors is also large. The demand for electrochemical oxygen sensors in various industries is basically close to the sum of other types of gas sensors. In recent years, oxygen sensors and detection instruments with new mechanism and new structure have rapidly become a research and development hotspot in the field of sensors at home and abroad

2003, Chinese science Dean 2 Sensor of metal tensile testing machine: the strength of the sensor determines the force measuring stability of the testing machine. With the support of Jilin Provincial Department of science and technology, the scientific and technical personnel of spring Applied Chemistry Research Institute, in cooperation with Changchun University, have undertaken the Jilin Provincial Science and technology development plan project "research and development of new oxygen sensors and oxygen meters". After four years of joint efforts, they have broken through the technical problems such as catalyst, shunt control of gas diffusion, A series of innovative achievements have been made, which make the sensor and oxygen meter have the advantages of small volume, simple operation, sensitive response, rapid response, stable performance, short time for returning to zero the waste plastic particles, and meet the detection needs of industry, environment and other fields. Experts believe that the new sensor changes the design concept of the traditional oxygen gas sensor, provides a new technical means for oxygen detection, and also provides a new idea for other automobile industries to increase the use of high-performance plastics for multiple gas detection

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