Three realms of wooden door marketing

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Three realms of wooden door marketing

pure marketing is only a catalyst, which can only add to the icing on the cake, can not provide timely help, can change the temporary sales data of the enterprise, but cannot change the fundamental destiny of the enterprise. Wooden door enterprises should get rid of the low-level "price war", "advertising war" and "concept war" and return to the high-level marketing of the origin of customer needs

low level marketing

refers to the obvious "naked" marketing means, which can be identified by consumers at a glance, such as traditional discounts, gifts, special prices, cash back, etc. Its disadvantage is that such means have been abused countless times, and its attraction to consumers has gradually weakened, and it is very easy to imitate; The advantage is simple and direct, which will lead to a short-term increase in sales. But such low level marketing is a double-edged sword. Wooden door enterprises not only promote sales performance, but also reduce the brand value and grade of wooden doors, and it is easy to cause "promotion dependence" of "promotion, sales" and "no promotion, no sales"

medium realm marketing

refers to a relatively hidden and high-tech marketing method, which is generally under the guise of "public welfare" and "benefiting the people", making it difficult for consumers to detect, so as to achieve the purpose of short-term or long-term promotion

for example, the "old for new" in the household appliance industry, Mengniu's convening of consumers and media to visit its factory workshops, the "every time you drink a bottle of Nongfu mountain spring in Nongfu mountain, you donate a penny to Project Hope", Vanke's customer organization "Vanke Association" and so on belong to this category. Its disadvantage is that it is very difficult to operate, difficult to find creative activities, and often focus on long-term benefits; The advantage is that it is easy to be accepted and pursued by consumers, and can shape a good brand influence and promote sales from the side

high realm marketing

this kind of marketing is generalized marketing, that is, the collection of all ways that can promote sales. It returns to the value origin of modern business: to provide customers with products and services with real high value (practical value, aesthetic value and spiritual value, etc.) and low cost (money cost, time cost and opportunity cost, etc.), so as to meet customers' current and potential needs to the greatest extent

for example, IKEA's business model provides consumers with high-quality and low-cost household goods with excellent design, low cost and rich categories, excluding factors such as middlemen's markup, high rent and decoration cost markup. IKEA has no dazzling promotional means, only ordinary special prices, which can be called the highest level of simple marketing as an industry model. Of course, there are Wal Mart's "daily parity", Metro's "warehouse cash and carry", Spain's Zara clothing "fast fashion", and so on

wooden door enterprises can provide consumers with high-quality and low-cost products and services through new alliances with real estate, engineering, home decoration and other building materials industries. The head of Liwei door industry believes that wooden door enterprises should strengthen their efforts in new technology, new functions and new materials, launch new wooden doors with scientific and technological innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection, and correctly guide consumers to consume safely, healthily and green

wooden door enterprises meet the needs of consumers with the most competitive business model, the best product and service quality, and the lowest price and cost, which is a necessary condition for high-level marketing





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