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Meeting is a kind of fate

joining hands is a kind of happiness

success is a kind of enjoyment


on December 27, 2017, Yige yunmumen 2017 strategic investment wealth summit opened! Hundreds of entrepreneurs gathered here to witness the concept of "innovation changes life" of Yige! The magnificent momentum of Yige's subversive innovation model quickly attracted many entrepreneurs to sign contracts with Yige

crowded, visit the factory

visit the exhibition hall

the on-site atmosphere is warm and cheerful

crowded, active in signing contracts

Yige cloud wooden door is like an eagle Kunpeng, taking off with the trend, the big pattern, and the great future. Yige yunmumen 2017 strategic investment wealth summit is inseparable from the silent support of partners in front of and behind the stage, and even more inseparable from the direction guidance and force promotion of core leaders. I believe that Yige's tomorrow will certainly achieve the "great future" of every Yige person in the big family under the "big pattern"

2017 hand in hand with Yige yunmu door, leading the future of 100 billion





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