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White has never been out of date, because it has never been popular. It has been quietly where it has become a classic among classics. Like palaid doors and windows, for more than 20 years, it can withstand temptation and loneliness. It is ingenious and dedicated to doing a good job of doors and windows

open the calendar of 2019

enter a new year

"auspicious snow indicates a bumper year"

is people's best expectation for the new year

the whole country seems to have entered the white world wrapped in silver

circle of friends, and students far away in a foreign land are discussing "is it snowing there?"

the snowy world

is always full of infinite fun

snowball fights, snowmen, drawing "I? U" on the snow

a snow has its own meaning for everyone

for cities without snow

I believe everyone is also ready to take advantage of this annual holiday to go to places full of snow

the temperature of touching the snow

and people in love

city, Watch a snow

feel the warm love melt in the bottom of my heart

and how much do you know about the dialogue

is the dream white wedding

or the advanced feeling of white in reality

or white minimalism pursued at present

white, which is called "out of the palette", has a deep history in both eastern and Western cultures, whether painting, architecture or fashion. White has always been the closest to art itself. The color of minimalist lovers is naturally white, pure white, which brings people infinite reverie space

white is different from other colors. It is colorful. Its visual impact is not as prominent as other colors. In most cases, it will only make people feel comfortable in front of their eyes and advocate minimalism. Pallade door and window products have also been good at grasping this color, pure white, pure white, no unnecessary color decoration, return to natural white, and give more consumers a natural enjoyment

original white

pure white has an advanced sense, the image of science and technology, but sometimes such purity will also bring people the cold and severe feeling of others, showing the high and cold side of doors and windows. We have always been committed to making high-end doors and windows, but we don't have the high and cold, severe side. We have always been doing doors and windows with our heart and taking care of your home. This time we have made an upgrade to pure white, and continue to take care of your home with an approachable but luxurious enamel white, giving you visual comfort

original white vs enamel white

enamel white is no longer as pure as pure white. It uses the initial tone color, plus the unique enamel color, to create a very impressive effect. When enamel white appears alone, it may not be particularly impressive. As long as there is a little color contrast, it can highlight its "light white", especially the reflected light effect of glass and the foil of enamel white, which launches a visual feast

ask: why is enamel white a new upgrade


1. It caters to the pursuit of minimalism in today's era and adapts to the diversified collocation of home building materials

2. The manufacturing process of enamel white is as exquisite as that of enamel color. On the basis of the original white, there are hundreds of kinds from light to deep, from light to dark. Enamel white is the best color obtained through years of running in and research by old craftsmen, who have worked hard and tried hard

3. In order to make the home building materials products appear more three-dimensional and luxurious, enamel white has been upgraded through many market experiments. Therefore, the upgrading of color is the understanding and creation of product design and product concept

4. Compared with the primary color, it is slightly dull, and the enamel white is more calm

enamel white

nowadays, in the face of a stressful life, a quiet home has become a luxury. Enamel white is the main color to create an indoor environment, giving you more safe, comfortable, peaceful and beautiful feelings. Upgrading to enamel white is the best choice for Pallade. The versatile colors match different colors for the broken bridge two-color doors and windows and home, creating different spatial textures, so that you can enjoy the space more and win favor in the use. Enamel white, simple, as if in peace with the world, without complexity and affectation, exudes a gentle atmosphere in a quiet and quiet environment


in color, it is too difficult to firmly capture a color. Each color has its own unique interpretation, and when it becomes popular, it is bound to face the fate of obsolescence, but white has never become obsolete, because it has never been popular, and has always been quietly where it has become a classic among classics. Like palaid doors and windows, for more than 20 years, it can withstand temptation and loneliness. It is ingenious and dedicated to doing a good job of doors and windows




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