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Iroad creative Street customized wall cloth realizes all your imagination of the wall

the rise of customization market declares that people's attitude towards life is no longer blindly accepting or giving, but trying bolder innovation and customization. Customization is no longer a luxury for a few people. It is entering the homes of ordinary Chinese people with a personality and self posture

"customized home, better understand you", "home" is the soul of people, "home" is the behavior of people. "Home" is "humanistic and ethical environment", while "home" is "ecological and natural environment". The two are combined into one, "home" is the cultural spirit of people. Therefore, modern home design shows a family's lifestyle, a cultural structure and reading, and even the spiritual civilization of this era

what individuals who participate in the experience hope to get at the highest level is an output that can surpass any product, service or experience itself, that is, aesthetics. Aesthetic economy is the advanced stage of experience economy, so the highest realm of whole house customization is to provide customers with aesthetic experience

as the most mainstream wall decoration material at present: seamless wall cloth, the market is full of a large number of finished goods of various grades, allowing consumers to consume passively. At the same time, the disordered competition and the steep price of homogeneous products have led to the shortsightedness of manufacturers, brands or groups, which has been filled in turn and reduced costs in all aspects without a bottom line, making the seamless wallcovering as hopeless as wallpaper

iroad creative Street seamlessly customized wall fabric, with "customization" as its mission, and strict requirements in design, materials, environmental protection, delivery time and other aspects, has become the leader of customized art wall fabric in the era of whole house customization

I. design

creative street brands cooperate with top Italian and domestic designers to develop thousands of dozens of samples every year. It covers various styles and popular elements. And with the famous design platform kujiale in-depth cooperation, the design elements of creative street and the perfect presentation of kujiale make your customization what you want is what you get. VR realistic pictures of kujiale can be easily shared and disseminated

II. Base materials

creative street has dozens of high-precision jacquard looms in China's high-end fabric textile base, and 5000 meters of high-quality base materials are customized every day, from handmade silk, to shuanggong silk, fine linen, yarn, to high warp point, high warp linen and high warp silk. The company will develop at least two kinds of the latest fabrics every year to avoid the homogenization of fabrics in the market

III. quality

the products of creative street have been inspected by embryonic cloth, after cleaning, before printing and before delivery, and four layers of inspection, ensuring the harsh quality of the products

IV. environmental protection

the substrate adopts non-woven fabric of medical and health level, and the water-based environmental protection glue meets the requirements. The only one in China adopts jteck water-based environmental protection ink imported from Italy. Environmental protection qualification test report of national testing center. Home is for people to live, and human health is our first requirement

v. delivery date

strict quality requirements, high standard production and manufacturing process, and strong supply chain system. The delivery time of creative street is guaranteed to be within seven days. Urgent orders can be delivered the next day

join the creative street, upgrade from selling products to providing customized services, and grasp the trend of the times, so as to seize the opportunity and obtain wealth

our partners: wallpaper and wallpaper sales shop/soft decoration shop/independent designer/design and decoration Agency. As a direct customer of creative street, we enjoy the factory's unified national price system, continuous product supply, and perfect and timely service support system. Lead the era of wall fabric customization with creative street

for the whole household customized brand, soft decoration customized brand. Creative Street provides ODM services to integrate the products of creative Street into the system of partners, share interests and develop together

join the creative street and share the customized feast

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