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For the middle class, the burden of dozens of square meters is the limit, but the population is still the same. In a limited space, it does not appear crowded and makes people feel comfortable. Decoration is the key

for the middle class, the burden of dozens of square meters is the limit, but the population is still the same. In a limited space, it does not appear crowded and makes people feel comfortable. Decoration is the key. Today, Weber screen will reveal the mystery for you

I. choose light medium color extension space

1 It is difficult to choose the main color of the house type with narrow space. Generally, we choose the color system with low lightness and purity, that is, the gray system we often say, because the stronger the purity of the color, the more it comes into view first, which will make people feel squeezed and feel that the space is reduced in their hearts

2. The choice of lightness should be based on relatively bright colors, with high lightness and sensory ductility, which is what we usually call "spacious and bright". Generally, you can choose light tone and neutral color as the keynote of furniture, bedspread, sofa and curtain. These colors can extend the space, make the space look bigger, and make the room feel fresh, bright and spacious because of their diffusion and retrogression

3. When the whole space has many relatively different tonal arrangements, the visual effect of the room will be greatly improved. But it should be noted that in the same space, it is best not to use too many different materials and colors, and it is best to take soft and bright colors as the main tone

4. The kitchen, bedroom and living room should use the same color of wall paint and wallpaper, which can make the space appear clean and tidy. Small houses can also use daylight to expand their horizons, such as increasing the size of windows or using permeable or glass furniture, tables and chairs, which makes the space bright and spacious

second, the material color should be unified

1 The space of small houses is narrow and tortuous. Many people will use different materials and heights in different areas in order to highlight the sense of region in order to decorate the effect. Smallpox often echoes it, which leads to a more tortuous spatial structure and many "corridors", resulting in visual obstruction and space waste

2. The color of the ground should be unified into a color system with strong lightness and low purity. The color of the ground should be slightly heavier than that of the furniture, so that it will not produce a top heavy feeling. You can also use some mosaics, pebbles, etc. to make a little guiding glass line to break the dull visual effect

III. avoid too complicated design of ceilings

most rooms of small houses are short, and the height of the ceiling should be reduced by 30 cm at random. If there are no messy lines in the ceiling, there is no need to make a wooden ceiling, which can greatly reduce expensive artificial woodwork and create space height; If you need a ceiling, you can only make a partial ceiling. It can not only sort out the lines, but also create the interest of high and low visual design

IV. the layout of small space should be dominated by people

1 The layout of small space should also be based on people, supplemented by furniture storage. Because the space is small, there is really no spare place to put clothes and cups that we can't wear forever. We need furniture and storage because we need it, rather than making cabinets because we need it

2. Although such a concept is simple and easy to understand, it is ignored by most people. People often see that some people put the cart before the horse and focus on storage first, and then ask for furniture, forgetting which location can be warm in the sun, and whether it is appropriate for people to go indoors and cycle. They only see sofas full of TV. In fact, if the design can return to people-oriented, such crowding can be avoided. Weber screens join www.greenweb380 Com

fifth, hard partitions should be avoided in space division

hard partitions should be used carefully in the decoration of small houses. If not necessary, hard partitions should be done as little as possible, and glass partitions can be considered if necessary. Transparent glass, frosted glass and carved glass are gradually favored by young people in modern decoration because they have no obstruction to light and line of sight and can highlight the integrity of space. Generally, the glass partition between bathroom and kitchen is used more. This decoration method makes the space no longer narrow, and each room no longer has strict boundaries. The decoration is simple, practical and low cost

when it comes to decoration and layout, it's difficult now. Most people in the 1970s and 1980s are nostalgic. They don't want to throw this one away, and they don't want to give up that one. Finally, the house is full of people; Some people analyze that it is because the living conditions were poor when I was a child, so now I have to make up for this shortcoming. Parents are like this, but some post-90s and post-00s are also like this. They have formed this habit and can't change it at the moment. That's all for Weber screen today




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