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Luxury ≠ delicacy, the life of careful management is the real exquisite life. Rheinland egger's "skin friendly love" series products, exquisite life, careful management

speaking of exquisite life, what do you usually think of

delicacy = money + expensive + luxury, which is the first reaction to delicacy in most people's minds. Many people believe that eating breakfast in Tiffany starts a wonderful day. Buying a bunch of Bulgarian roses is equal to the standard of exquisite life, and going to Bali for vacation means exquisite enjoyment. But for ordinary people, exquisite life is more reflected in our daily small things, such as sticking to fitness, reading and clocking in, and living attentively

the definition of exquisite life is to make your life more tasteful, happier and more comfortable. The taste emphasized by exquisite life not only refers to the refinement of the material on the surface, but also the distillation of the soul. If there is no heart to pursue the sense of life ritual, even if the things purchased are expensive, they are not exquisite life

life needs to be managed carefully. Where you spend your time, your life will show what color. The ancients said, "if you don't sweep a room, why sweep the world". To live delicately, first of all, start with a warm home, and a few pots of green plants in a clean and tidy house will light up your home mood. The neat clothes displayed in the wardrobe brighten life instantly

Rheinland egger

"skin friendly love"

exquisite life, careful management

skin friendly love

Pet material, soft skin friendly texture is like lover's skin

slender handle is full of comfortable aesthetic texture

milky white cabinet door and black handle are matched with smart room

reveals a trace of romance, comfort and warmth

life needs fresh power to be more flexible and interesting




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