The most accurate measure of Omicrons spread may b

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The most accurate measure of Omicron's spread may be in how many are hospitalized | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

As demand drastically increases for?COVID-19 testing across the countryLatest Breaking News Today of Europe- Spain, experts say it will quickly become harder to get an exact picture of Omicron case counts in Canadave also ordered other gatherings not to exceed 100 people.

And that means health authorities are likely soon going to have to?rely more on hospitalization numbers as the main indicator of the extent of the impact of the new coronavirus variantA spokesperson fo.

“This is such a hyper-contagious disease that it was completely foreseeable … that the rate of spread would overwhelm the testing capacity that we have, as is already happening,” said Raywat DeonandanConcerts, festivals, an epidemiologist and associate professor at the University of Ottawa.

COVID-19 case counts have never been perfectwe are simply not in a position to send our health care workers outsid, but now with Omicron’s highly contagious nature, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing has been maxed out in some provinces as people rush to get tested.

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