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Schneider Electric: with the intelligent power distribution scheme, Jilin Mobile will enhance its full-service competitiveness

Jilin, China. On July 6, 2020, with the rapid promotion of 5g technology, the communication field will change again. Various new scenarios, new formats and new models will bring about a surge in the amount of data. In the process of data transmission, calculation and storage, the underlying it infrastructure data center is indispensable. At the same time, as a typical representative of infrastructure in the new infrastructure, the data center is also regarded as an important base to support the development of 5g integration, and its important position is beyond doubt

China Mobile Communications Group Jilin Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, is currently one of the largest telecom operators with the largest number of users in Jilin Province. In order to occupy an advantage in the full-service competition, Jilin Mobile is actively planning and developing the data center business, and investing in the construction of Jilin Mobile Jingyue data center project in Changchun Jingyue high tech Zone. In order to ensure the continuous and stable power supply of the data center, the efficient and flexible operation and maintenance of the system, and further realize energy conservation and consumption reduction on the basis of ensuring 7 * 24-hour uninterrupted operation, Jilin Mobile has put forward extremely high requirements on the deployment of power distribution facilities in Jingyue data center. All circuit breakers in medium voltage distribution cabinets should have intelligent temperature measurement function to realize real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance of the distribution system, Achieve the effect of saving energy, increasing efficiency and preventing trouble before it happens

Jilin Mobile Jingyue data center

with the advantages of products and solutions in technical parameters, performance and intelligent level, Schneider Electric was able to work with partners again and successfully cooperate with Jilin Mobile. Based on ecostruxure architecture and platform, Schneider Electric provides Jingyue data center with a complete intelligent power distribution solution that users expect to understand that the materials to be tested will break after a small number of cycles, including 44 pix12 medium voltage switchgear and smart hvx intelligent medium voltage circuit breaker, as well as the interconnection and interworking products, as well as the edge control system mainly composed of pmbox medium voltage system integrated operation and maintenance management unit

among them, smart hvx intelligent medium voltage circuit breaker is delivered with temperature measurement module, which does not need to be added separately, and has better stability and better performance. The pmbox operation and maintenance management unit specially designed for medium voltage intelligent power distribution can visually display the data collected by the underlying equipment of the distribution system on the human-machine interface of the touch screen, and conduct modeling and analysis based on these data to help users achieve efficient and intelligent asset management and predictive maintenance, so as to ensure reliable and continuous power supply, prevent the monthly data center from losses caused by power outages, and promote further optimization of costs

in addition, in the past cooperation, the after-sales service team of Schneider Electric has always been professional and rigorous, as well as timely and rapid response, which has left a very deep impression on Jilin Mobile, which has also become an important reason why Schneider Electric can stand out in the project and finally reach cooperation with our customers for the first time

the construction of Jingyue data center is divided into two phases. The cooperation between Schneider Electric and Jilin Mobile this time is the No. 1 building and oil engine room of the project, which has a history of more than 100 years. The two sides have officially signed the contract in April 2020. The completion of this project will play a landmark demonstration role in the construction of the test torque center of the low-cost energy-saving data spring change experimental machine in the whole Jilin Mobile System. It is expected that after the project is officially powered on and operated in July 2020, Jilin Mobile's level of intelligent operation and maintenance of data center distribution system will be further improved, and its full-service competitiveness in the operator industry will become more complete and comprehensive

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