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Schneider Electric from China to the world

China is the second largest market of Schneider Electric in the world. At present, the United States ranks first. But the gap between the two is very small. Our goal is to make China surpass the United States and become the largest market of Schneider Electric in the world within 2-3 years. Mikehughes, global senior vice president of Schneider Electric, made the above statement with a smile in our interview

although the translation translates the ambition mentioned by xiudehua into a goal, we prefer to understand it as ambition. You know, Schneider Electric has established 77 offices, 27 factories, 6 logistics centers, 1 Research Institute, 3 R & D centers and 1 Laboratory in China. It has nearly 27000 employees in China. This is enough to rank top among all foreign-invested enterprises in China

at the same time, the increasing attention of the Chinese government to energy consumption has brought great benefits to energy efficiency management companies such as Schneider Electric. No wonder xiudehua can't hide his smile when talking about the Chinese market

if our performance is not as good as that of our competitors, I must be unhappy, but now I am very happy. He admitted that the Chinese market is becoming more and more important for Schneider Electric

the following examples may prove this: in 2009, Zhu Hai, the first Chinese president in Schneider Electric's history, took office in China; In 2010, Schneider Electric moved its Asia Pacific headquarters from Hong Kong to Beijing; Not long ago, diegoreces, the global vice president of the group's industrial division and responsible for solutions in the metallurgical, mining and construction industries, also moved his office from Germany to Beijing. With perfect internal communication network and accurate color matching system, xiudehua's Chinese level is enough to directly answer our simple questions

set a strategy for China

xiudehua revealed that Schneider Electric's three major strategies in China in the future: marching into the west, deepening localization, energy conservation and efficiency increase, which exactly coincides with China's economic development trend

at present, the focus of China's economic development is shifting from the east to the west, while Schneider has begun to increase investment in Western China while maintaining investment in the East. In 2011, Schneider Electric announced that it would set up its headquarters in the western region in Xi'an and set up a research and development center in Xi'an. At the same time, Wuhan is also one of the important cities for its investment in the West

in terms of localization, Schneider Electric proposed to provide more local products and solutions to meet the needs of Chinese customers and echo the requirements of the Chinese government on energy conservation and consumption reduction

recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the 12th Five Year Plan for industrial energy conservation, which defined the energy-saving goals of nine key industries, and proposed to achieve efficient and stable transmission for five years at the same time by 201, with an overall industrial energy-saving index of 21%. Xiudehua pointed out that China's huge industrial scale and the government's attention to energy conservation and consumption reduction are positive for Schneider Electric. Schneider Electric has helped customers achieve the goal of energy conservation and consumption reduction of up to 30% through energy efficiency management means and energy conservation and consumption reduction technology. At present, we are promoting the ecostuxure energy efficiency management platform, hoping to help more customers achieve the goal of energy conservation and efficiency

from China to the world

while fully developing its business in China, Schneider Electric also shares China's experience with the world market. There are many differences between the Chinese market and the world market. The scale of Chinese industry is too large, which is difficult to meet in terms of tax burden in other markets. Dai Ruisi believes that Schneider Electric's energy-saving and efficiency enhancing solutions in the industrial field have been well applied in China, and these experiences can in turn enrich its solutions to serve customers all over the world

on the other hand, Schneider Electric has carried out a series of mergers and acquisitions in China. After the mergers and acquisitions, some enterprises that were originally oriented to the domestic market. 3. The machine can also add accessories and do steel pipe twists and turns experiments have entered the global supply chain of Schneider Electric, thus indirectly entering the international market

xiudehua stressed that at present, the Chinese market is changing. With the increase of energy, human and other costs, energy conservation and efficiency gains are particularly important. More and more Chinese customers have changed from simply focusing on improving output to improving production efficiency and reducing energy consumption. In this regard, Schneider Electric and its Chinese partners and customers are facing the same pressure. The good news is that we are our own customers, and we are also using our own solutions. Therefore, we often tell our customers how we feel about applying these technologies, products and solutions. He said with a smile that Schneider Electric is our own advertisement, and we recommend our own things to customers, which is more persuasive

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