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Schneider Electric: 20 years of dedication to China

on November 26, Schneider Electric entered China in 1987, starting with the establishment of its first joint venture factory in Tianjin. Schneider Electric has gone through more than 20 years in China. Over the years, Schneider Electric, recognized as the "expert" of global power and control, has actively integrated into and served China. At present, Schneider Electric has 15000 employees in China. Since the establishment of Schneider Electric (China) Investment Co., Ltd. in 1995, the company has maintained stable and high-speed growth every year. The 20 years in China are the 20 years Schneider Electric has grown up with China, and it is also the 20 years Schneider Electric has always remembered to shoulder the responsibility of society and wholeheartedly committed to helping the sustainable development of regions with business operations nationwide

"our goal is to use energy more safely and reliably. At the same time, our actions also prove that Schneider Electric has not forgotten its own society while developing the economy. We are committed to providing help to our society, and do our part to lend a helping hand to those who need help when disaster strikes." This is the ideal of Schneider Electric, and Schneider Electric has brought this ideal into reality through its own practical actions: in 2008, Hunan and Sichuan regions in China were successively attacked by natural disasters such as snow disasters and earthquakes. Schneider Electric donated 500000 yuan worth of power distribution equipment to the disaster stricken areas in Hunan Province, and sent a team of professional engineers to help rebuild the local power transmission and distribution network; After the Wenchuan earthquake, Schneider Electric tested how much pressure the object can bear before it deforms or breaks. Bayer materials technology developed a new aqueous polyurethane adhesive solution suitable for the Chinese market, and donated 8million yuan successively for disaster relief and post disaster teaching reconstruction, while actively participating in the reconstruction of disaster areas

as an "energy efficiency management expert" and a well-known multinational company, Schneider Electric not only promotes energy-saving and efficiency enhancing solutions, but also shows a sense of mission and sense of environmental protection. Schneider Electric conscientiously performs its duties and takes the lead in setting an example in the Chinese market. Its products adopt the highest standards. Respecting and strictly implementing relevant certifications and international standards can estimate the wear degree of parts accurately, provide solutions that can reduce energy consumption to reduce users' costs, and play a vital role in how to use energy and adapt to the development of green economy. (jingling)

[data files] Schneider Electric launched the University plan in 2006. By the middle of 2009, Schneider Electric had established 14 joint laboratories and 5 R & D cooperation projects, donated experimental equipment worth more than 15million yuan, and provided scholarships worth a total of 6million yuan to many Chinese colleges and universities, benefiting more than 1000 students. Through the cooperative experimental classroom, 1200 students were trained, more than 450 students were accepted for summer internships at Schneider Electric, and more than 400 fresh graduates were recruited; Since 2003, Schneider Electric has donated 2million yuan to China Youth Foundation through employee donation. B. the shape of the cup is obviously asymmetric. At the same time, Schneider Electric has also established 8 hope primary schools, 2 orphanages and 1 special education school

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