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Schneider Electric: an enabling partner, driving the green development of the industry with the "wild geese array" of digital transformation

in June, enterprises, associations, economists, industry experts and other groups from 20 industries such as building, industry, data center and infrastructure gathered in Xiamen for the Schneider electric Innovation Summit. Under the background of global digital transformation trend and China's high-quality development, green development has become a common consensus, and digital transformation has also become an opportunity and challenge for the efficient development of enterprises in various industries. During the two-day event, a series of transformation practices and analytical insights from front-line enterprises in the industry not only gave participants inspiration and reference, but also showed the future trend with real technologies and solutions: with the continuous growth of the digital transformation ecosystem, from quantitative change to qualitative change, a more intelligent, more efficient and greener development path has become increasingly clear

digital transformation: the way to development under the energy challenge

according to the report of the International Energy Agency, although the growth rate of global energy demand slows down, the global energy demand will still increase by more than 30% by 2040, of which the growth of energy demand in Asian developing countries will account for more than 2/3. In addition, among the end uses of all kinds of energy in the world, electricity will become more and more important, accounting for nearly 1/4. With the approaching of the fourth industrial revolution marked by the interconnection of all things and intelligence, in the process of industrial digital transformation, the improvement of the operation efficiency of energy, especially power and electrical related assets, will be crucial

Li Rui, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of low-voltage business of energy efficiency management in China, said that today, the problem of energy crisis is becoming increasingly prominent. The application of innovative technology to change the traditional wall process must standardize the energy efficiency management mode, accelerate the development towards green and low-carbon, and promote the transformation and upgrading of various subdivisions of energy efficiency management with digitalization has become a global consensus

Li Rui, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of energy efficiency management low voltage business in China

facing the global energy industry pattern, Philippe Delorme, global executive vice president of Schneider Electric and President of energy efficiency management division, further pointed out that the current challenges and changes are unprecedented. The reason is that although the application of digital technologies and tools will change the existing work and operation mode of the entire energy industry, Philippe Delorme found that many people's biggest concern in the face of digital transformation is that digital technologies and new tools are very complex, which makes our primary focus is to help customers overcome this concern

therefore, the digital transformation solution required by the industry should not only meet the goal of enterprises to smoothly transition and move forward from the current foundation to a new framework for the future; It should have a high degree of flexibility, comprehensive support system, rich deployment methods, flexibility and accommodation at all stages in the process. That is, if the enterprise decides to make a new investment to complete the digital deployment, the solution should support; The enterprise decides to transform the original assets in stages, and the solution should also be supported

Schneider Electric's answer is to build an ecosystem from the supply side to the demand side, and form a wild goose formation of digital transformation through a circle of friends, so as to enable the industry. On the one hand, by building ecostruxure architecture and platform, it attracts a large number of partners to provide services to customers together; On the other hand, a large number of partners in ecostruxure can provide customers with a wider range of solutions

as Schneider Electric, which has always put China at a strategic height, helping enterprises in the Chinese market complete digital transformation is a top priority. According to nadege Petit, executive vice president of Schneider Electric's distribution products business, in order to get close to the first-line market, Schneider Electric's energy efficiency management low-voltage business weakens the traditional corporate headquarters, but divides the global core business into three important hubs (centers) in order to quickly respond to market demand. Among them, China hub has become the only hub established in a single country, and is listed as one of the three global centers for energy efficiency management low-voltage business together with North America and Europe

as the head of China hub, the low-voltage business of energy efficiency management, Li Rui particularly emphasized the speed of statistical analysis in group style. He said that China's innovation speed was unprecedented, and it was necessary to bring solutions that met the needs to Chinese customers at a faster speed

open the energy efficiency black box

Hunan Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hunan Architectural Design Institute) is a large-scale comprehensive class a design and research enterprise, which has completed more than 12000 projects such as design and general engineering contracting since its establishment for more than 60 years, and its business covers 24 provinces (municipalities directly under the central government), Macao SAR and 42 overseas countries

located on the Bank of Yahe River, the new office building, known as crystal palace, is a new masterpiece of Hunan Construction Institute integrating traditional advantages and embracing digital technology, and has been awarded the green building three star design logo. In the extremely modern architectural community of Crystal Palace, there is a brand-new digital energy efficiency management system. Schneider Electric combines the personalized needs of Hunan Construction Institute and based on ecostruxure architecture and platform, provides it with a full set of digital intelligent distribution solutions, including low-voltage intelligent distribution cabinets, Qianliyan operation and maintenance experts, PME power management experts, as well as intelligent software and hardware products such as Qianliyan consulting services and cloud energy efficiency, which injects a safe, green and efficient power core into the new office building of Hunan Construction Institute. Through the digital system, the energy operation of the whole building is protected and monitored in real time, and a large amount of data is precipitated to facilitate continuous optimization and improvement and maximize energy efficiency

Schneider Electric analyzed 230 customer projects completed in 41 countries around the world in the past five years, and released the 2019 global digital transformation revenue report. The data showed that the implementation of digital transformation can help enterprises save the highest engineering cost and time optimization in capex expenditure by about 80%, and the highest energy saving and consumption reduction in OPEX expenditure by about 85%

since Schneider Electric entered China in 1987, Schneider Electric has mainly implemented energy efficiency management and automated digital transformation solutions for the four major markets of buildings, data centers, industry and infrastructure. Of course, this is also based on the ecostruxure concept proposed by Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric officially launched ecostruxure in 2016, and gradually established the foundation to promote the digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation. In 2017, it released a new digital open platform ecostruxure, and by constantly upgrading ecostruxure power intelligent distribution solutions every year, it integrates more interconnected products in terms of hardware, software and data, More professional edge control software and full life cycle digital consulting services accelerate innovation, realize the full coverage of equipment connection, system architecture and application scenarios, and create excellent value for customers in the full life cycle from capital expenditure to operating expenditure

ecostruxure helps customers maximize the value of data by integrating it and ot technologies, especially transforming data into practical and intelligent information and more effective business decisions. The accelerated implementation of innovative data application products can help users make full use of massive data in buildings and stimulate the potential of energy conservation and efficiency increase

for example, we can provide complete solutions required in the building. Li Rui said that unlike other suppliers who can only provide a single solution for strong or weak electricity, Schneider Electric is a supplier that can provide an integrated solution for strong and weak electricity. We can carry out a more comprehensive digital deployment from the aspects of hardware, software and data application. We can realize the integrated management of supervision, management and control between building equipment and a more efficient operation and maintenance experience. We can use digital solutions, Connect new supply and new demand, and help China's medium and low voltage distribution industry to a new level

digital transformation of circle of friends enabling industry

at present, more and more enterprises are accelerating their embrace of advanced information technologies such as IOT, big data and artificial intelligence, promoting a new round of digital transformation

Schneider Electric believes that digitalization can not be achieved by an enterprise or a technology, and it is very important to build an open circle of friends. Digital transformation involves software development, software and hardware integration, system integration is a real lightweight product, as well as data analysis, intelligent control and other links, which should be implemented to the specific application scenarios of the industry. This requires the joint efforts of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, including the joint participation of software developers, system integration engineers, service providers, application engineers, etc. The real industry digitalization also needs the joint promotion of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, such as digital procurement, digital production and operation, digital logistics, distribution and so on. Therefore, the realization of digitalization requires an open circle of friends. Only by sharing and creating together can we win-win digital future

at present, Schneider can ensure the normal operation of the machine. Electric not only promotes digital solutions with partners such as system integrators, and provides more available applications to customers with developers, but also forms a digital alliance with leading technology providers, including third-party software and hardware partners, to ensure the openness and scalability of the platform. Today, there are nearly 500000 deployed project sites, and 2million assets are managed in the cloud, with a year-on-year increase of 34%. More than 20000 system integration engineers and developers, 650000 service providers and partners, and 3000 partners of public utilities companies are connected into a community in a digital way

in the ecosystem of low-voltage distribution partners created by Schneider Electric, Schneider Electric has strengthened cooperation and mutual trust with complete sets plants, design institutes and other partners through capacity training, authorization and certification, and the gradually upgraded cooperation and authorization mode, gradually established a distribution ecosystem to promote the healthy development of the industry, and worked hard for different types of enterprises to better and faster understand the value of intelligent distribution and put it into practice, Finally, improve customer stickiness, so as to realize business transformation, and finally form a virtuous cycle from customer acquisition (sale), activation (connection) to cash (use)

there is no doubt that the partner ecosystem is an innovative organizational form and a powerful system to solve industrial challenges in the stage of rapid development of technology and service mode. For Schneider Electric, with the blessing of the circle of friends, whether it is a strong alliance or a large enterprise + innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, it will greatly improve the service scope and service flexibility of Schneider Electric

for industries and enterprises in the process of digital transformation, this will also bring great convenience. Even if the scenarios and technical needs from the business are complex and changeable, it will be possible to obtain one-stop services through the partner ecosystem. Li Rui said that Schneider Electric, with its deep accumulation in the field of energy efficiency management and industrial automation and its insight into the integrated development of OT and it, will make unremitting efforts to combine products, software and industry insight, so as to customize different software, hardware and service solutions for customers, enabling enterprises to develop with high quality and green development

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