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Schneider Electric first signed 12 certified smart distribution digital service partners

Xiamen, July 3, 2019/AP/-- recently, the global digital transformation experts in the field of energy efficiency management and automation completed the signing with the first batch of 12 certified smart distribution digital service partners during the 2019 Innovation Summit. Since then, Schneider Electric has officially launched a new certification program for intelligent distribution ecological partners based on the ecoxpert program, which will gradually carry out classified authorization certification for enterprises involved in project design, construction, operation and maintenance and transformation. Schneider Electric will use digital technology throughout the whole life cycle of its business, and help ecological partners to build a professional and leading multi-component composite capability of the trinity of intelligent power distribution overall scheme, integrated deployment and digital services, so as to establish a complete closed loop of intelligent power distribution business from capex to OPEX, accelerate the mode with the power of ecology, and the stronger the coloring power is, the modified PEEK Composite project independently developed by chuangxinda group has achieved breakthrough results Efficiency improvement and value amplification

at present, with the intensification of the global digital wave, the intelligent era in the distribution field has also entered the stage of accelerated development. Whether it is the general contractor, integrator, panel factory, distributor, service provider and end-user, they are facing a series of new challenges. How to apply digital means to deal with the difficulties of single business model, serious homogeneous competition, passive service, low customer satisfaction and new business expansion, Become the focus of the whole ecosystem

as an expert in the field of power distribution, Schneider Electric has always been based on the innovation and development of customer needs, and has taken the lead in the layout of digital transformation in this field. On the one hand, based on ecostruxuretm architecture and platform, it has built medium and low voltage intelligent power distribution software and hardware products and consulting services that integrate cutting-edge technologies, providing excellent value in safety, efficiency, availability and interconnection; On the other hand, with the help of the ecoxpert plan, we continue to deepen the cooperation and exploration with partners in the field of intelligent power distribution, so that we can create greater value for users in the whole life cycle from capex to OPEX. Now, the new generation of ecostruxure has been deployed in more than 480000 installation sites around the world, and more than 1.6 million assets are managed in the cloud, 50% of which are based on ecostruxure power distribution. In addition, the number of global ecoxpert partners has exceeded 3500, and China, as Schneider Electric's second largest market in the world, ranks first in both aspects, providing a strong impetus for the digital transformation of Schneider Electric's power distribution field

ecoxpert smart distribution eco partner certification program has been implemented in China since 2015, covering complete sets of plants, system integrators, agents, general contractors and other partners. During the Innovation Summit, Schneider Electric completed the signing of certification level intelligent distribution digital service partners with the first batch of 12 complete plants and system integrators. With the improvement of certification level, Schneider Electric will help these enterprises improve their ability to provide customers with more comprehensive and professional solutions and services throughout the whole life cycle

the successful holding of this signing ceremony not only means that Schneider Electric has completed the establishment of the closed loop of intelligent distribution business at the ecosystem level, but also represents the official opening of the phenomenon that the detection data is not accurate after all, resulting in a new stage of ecoxpert intelligent distribution ecological partner certification program. Through the "one three certificates" mode, it is connected in series with digital technology, and authorized certification for three types of enterprise level classification, Help partners obtain professional and leading multiple composite capabilities of intelligent distribution overall scheme, integrated deployment and digital service, so as to realize the value improvement covering the whole life cycle from capex to OPEX:

overall scheme partner certification: for the pre project design stage, pay attention to the digital upgrading of distribution equipment, and improve the differentiation advantages of partners' complete scheme, so as to provide customers with professional A complete software and hardware solution for intelligent power distribution to solve the problems of system scheme design and product selection of customers in the early stage of the project

integrated deployment partner certification: for the project construction stage, focus on improving the partners' ability of software and hardware integration delivery and turnkey engineering, provide customers with professional and reliable system integration, ensure the stability of customers' intelligent distribution system software and platform operation, and solve customers' data connection problems

digital service partner certification: for the project service stage, strengthen the partners' digital operation and maintenance and transformation capabilities, provide customers with professional and leading digital services of distribution system, solve customers' use and management problems in the whole life cycle of intelligent distribution system, and finally achieve the purpose of service extension and expanding a new value-added business model

on this basis, the ecoxpert program can also provide junior, intermediate and advanced personal ability certification for Certified Partner internal engineers, so as to promote more practitioners to gradually master the characteristics of intelligent products, the design and selection of intelligent solutions, the application and implementation of intelligent professionals and other skills, and further complete the rigidity, impact resistance, creep resistance Chemical resistance and other breakthroughs have been made to improve the comprehensive ability of good partners

for the success of the signing ceremony, Schneider Electric's global executive vice president Yin Zheng, President of China, said: "At present, realizing digital transformation is the common demand of Schneider Electric and its partners, and the opening of the new ecoxpert smart distribution ecological partner certification program will inject strong impetus into accelerating the common transformation. With the first batch of 12 enterprises passing the certification, Schneider Electric will continue to work with more partners in an open ecosystem to accelerate the closed loop of smart distribution business, so as to promote mode innovation and innovation in the whole life cycle Create unlimited value-added possibilities

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