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Schneider Electric has established a partnership with stouber group, and the integration of ecostruxure machine architecture and robot solutions has accelerated.

China industrial control industrial control information Schneider Electric has established a partnership with stouber group, and the integration of ecostruxure machine architecture and robot solutions has accelerated.

Hannover, Germany, On April 27th, 2018, Schneider Electric, the global leader in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, recently signed a long-term agreement with stauber group, the world's top robot automation enterprise, to deepen the cooperative relationship. Therefore, the customized stauber TS series four axis SCARA robot will become an important part of Schneider Electric ecostruxure machine architecture

ecostruxure is an open, interoperable and IOT based system architecture of Schneider Electric and a technology innovation system platform with enterprise as the main body, market orientation and collaborative innovation of industry, University, research and application established by the project team of Sinoma science and technology support plan. With its rich automation solutions integrating software and hardware products in the field of machinery manufacturing and the industry experience of helping OEM manufacturers build intelligent machines, Schneider Electric promotes comprehensive innovation at all levels, from interconnected products to edge control, to application, analysis and service

stauber group can customize professional robot solutions for many industries, including electronics, medical treatment, automotive, catering, plastic molding, machinery, graphics and other industries, and has successfully developed a unique integrated product line for the production of four axis TP pickers, TS s Cara robots that make wood flour absorbent, and six axis TX and TX2 collaborative robots. Stauber robot will be the best choice for any industry customer who has a high demand for high speed, accuracy and reliability

since then, these customized versions of stauber TS series four axis SCARA robots will become part of Schneider Electric lexium STS series and are being integrated into the leading pacdrive motion control solution architecture. Schneider Electric demonstrated this solution at the 2018 Hannover Industrial Expo

this integration will create two major values for industrial customers: first, through the application of IEC standardized programming language, robot motion programming will be greatly simplified, and non general robot programming languages that require time-consuming learning will be replaced; Second, during the installation of the automation system, the hardware used to control the proprietary robot can be omitted, so as to reduce the number of interfaces, wiring workload and installation space

Gerald Vogt, Department Manager of stauber robotics group, said: this cooperation will have a positive and far-reaching impact on both sides. We are very happy to establish a cooperative relationship with Schneider Electric and obtain greater benefits with its strong market influence in machinery manufacturing and other industries. In the future, both parties will implement the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator and jointly provide more perfect overall automation solutions for machine manufacturers

Ali Haj fraj, senior vice president of machine solutions in Schneider Electric Industry Division, pointed out that our ecostruxure architecture and platform are based on openness. The integrated stouber robotics technology will accelerate the implementation of the automation architecture centered on ecostruxure machines, and will enable machine manufacturers to design intelligent machines through advanced digital technology and open standards. 3. Select fixtures according to customer samples, So as to shorten the time to market and engineering cost, and improve the performance of the machine at the same time

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