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Schneider Electric haolang switch series gracefully launched and easily demonstrated the style of home furnishings Xi'an, October 26, 2018/AP/-- recently, the global leader in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation grandly launched a new curdro haolang series of switch products in Xi'an, aiming to easily demonstrate your exclusive style of home furnishings with a minimalist picture frame. Haolang series switch products are designed into the current minimalist aesthetic style, which can match and create a variety of room styles at will. Classic colors, such as elegant white, style gold, deep space gray, are traceless into simple, neoclassical, northern Europe, Southeast Asia and other home styles, which perfectly interprets outstanding home taste in details

scene map take Figure 1 as an example

Miss Coco Chanel, the fashion guru, has a famous saying: "the trend is perishable. With the in-depth development of building energy conservation, the style will last forever." Blindly following the trend, you may never know what you are suitable for, and even give people a messy feeling. Real fashion should form its own style and endow it with connotation. Hos houses should have their own style, especially household products. Choosing the right household products, exposure to control and accurate positioning, which can better highlight the inherent. How can we choose the switch products that meet the space collocation without losing the artistic style? Haolang series switch products deeply understand the pursuit of modern homeowners for quality life, and help consumers easily build style homes with simple and versatile style design

minimalist frame, pay tribute to "Mondrian style school"

haolang, is both art and life, attitude and style. In 1917, Mondrian, the pioneer of geometric abstract painting school, established the "style school", which worshipped the beauty of straight lines and advocated observing the inner beauty of everything through right angles. Although the stylist movement has been over a hundred years, it has affected the development of modern art in the world. Up to now, designers in the fashion, art and architectural circles still draw inspiration from it and make unremitting innovation. Haolang series is the same. It integrates the beauty of straight lines into product design, outlines the frame with refined lines, and controls the complexity with simplicity

classic color matching shows elegance and versatility.

haolang series switches use classic color matching, which is atmospheric and versatile:

elegant and white, pure and low-key, which complement the neat geometric structure, and integrate into all kinds of style spaces without trace.

style gold, elegant and soft, with a sense of light luxury and quality. It can become a "golden pen" in European, neoclassical, Japanese style and Northern European space.

dark gray, low-key and calm, coupled with frosted texture, Full of power, it is an excellent accessory for loft style, retro style, Southeast Asian style and modern minimalist style. The style of the detail builder is also the key to highlight the style. The versatile design can not only reduce the trouble of choice and collocation, but also make the homeowner in the complexity of modern life easily rejuvenate the fashionable home

haolang product map

human design, to meet diverse power needs

haolang series products adhere to the design concept of Schneider Electric's "human fashion", provide convenient and intimate home multi-function panel innovative design, 5-hole dual USB socket, save time and high efficiency charging, support multi-connection frame, free combination, and integrate power needs. The designer specially increases the wiring hole and spacing, which is convenient for easy installation, correction and plugging. In addition, the panel is equipped with human night lights, which are sensitive and reliable, protect eyes and soft light, and delay extinguishing. A series of humanized designs reflect the ingenuity of Schneider Electric designers, integrating perfect technology into industrial fashion, making haolang series products glow like housekeepers, bringing considerate convenience, and meeting the electricity needs of homeowners and families all the time

excellent quality, after a hundred years of inheritance and innovation

Schneider Electric has more than 180 years of brand accumulation, and applies the concept of "innovation, everywhere" to product design. The shell of the product is made of exquisite materials, and 750 ℃ high-temperature flame-retardant environmental protection materials are selected. At the same time, the product is equipped with a child protective door to eliminate the hidden danger of electric shock. The core has reliable performance, solid workmanship, safety and durability

in this business field for end-user groups, Schneider Electric understands that the parameter setting of the universal testing machine focuses on providing household power distribution and switching products that integrate safety, reliability and forward-looking design, making consumers' home decoration richer and more beautiful. At the same time, it pays more attention to protecting consumers' electricity safety with innovation and giving consumers excellent use experience

the first step to easily rejuvenate home life starts with haolang series switch products

haolang, style school

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