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Schneider Electric: help industrial ecological development and win-win future through digital innovation

recently, the "2018 open data center summit" hosted by the open data center committee (odcc) was held in Beijing

recently, the elimination method: change the oil with suitable viscosity. The "2018 open data center" hosted by the open data center committee (odcc) was held in Beijing Longzhong. At this summit, odcc released and displayed 22 projects and dozens of heavy research achievements in the data center industry. Many data center industry experts gathered together to discuss the promotion and challenges of new technologies such as, big data, cloud computing, etc. to the development of ultra large-scale data centers, high-performance computing and storage, and edge computing in the context of the digital wave, with a view to collaborative research and development and jointly promote the development of industrial ecology

as a partner of the conference, Schneider Electric, the leader of digital transformation in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, was invited to attend the conference and won the odcc excellent partner award issued by the organizer. At the same time, as a speech participant of this conference, Schneider Electric explained to hundreds of technical experts and high-level decision-makers from the fields of communication, interconnection, finance, science and technology Schneider Electric's outlook for the physical infrastructure of the data center in the next decade and Schneider Electric ecostruxure's digital full application scenario of building the infrastructure of the data center

at the meeting, Lin MI, technical director of Schneider Electric's global data center scientific research center, reviewed the great progress made by the data center industry in the past decade of cloud computing development in a speech themed "foreseeing the future: prospects for the physical infrastructure of data centers in the next decade". Now the industry has begun to discuss the migration of cloud computing to edge computing in the era of intelligent data centers. At the same time, compared with a decade ago, the energy efficiency of the physical infrastructure of the data center has increased by 80%, successfully reducing the energy consumption of the data center. Lin Mi also presented the outlook of Schneider Electric Research Center for the physical infrastructure of the data center industry in the next decade. In the next decade, Schneider Electric will have more innovations in the physical infrastructure of the data center. First of all, the physical infrastructure will interact and integrate more with the upstream power and downstream it. At the same time, Schneider Electric will also change the design of the physical infrastructure, improve the efficiency of the data center power supply and distribution system and refrigeration system, establish a channel closure system independent of the cabinet, and replace the direct air side natural cooling system with the indirect air side natural cooling system, Help customers further optimize the physical infrastructure of the data center to shorten the deployment cycle, reduce costs and improve revenue. In addition, Lin Mi also shared the challenges and opportunities brought to the physical infrastructure of the data center with the rapid development of IT technology and electricity in the future, and discussed the possibility of lithium battery energy storage replacing diesel generators to provide power for the data center in the future. He believes that the data center also needs to maximize the use of collected data, conduct big data and in-depth learning and analysis, and carry out system tuning and preventive maintenance

Lin MI, technical director of Schneider Electric's global data center scientific research center

at the sub forum held on the 17th, Xu Dong, director of intelligent power distribution business of Schneider Electric's cooperation business China division, shared the full application scenario of Schneider Electric's ecostruxure building data center infrastructure. First of all, Xu Dong reviewed the high-speed development and change of data center driven by business model and technological innovation in the past decade, and described Schneider Electric's three major values of improving safety availability, operating efficiency and reducing pue value for customers around the three professional fields of power supply and distribution, building and information technology. At the same time, Xu Dong also presented Schneider Electric's three-tier ecostruxure architecture based on IOT technology, providing customers with a complete digital scheme from power supply and distribution facilities, building facilities to it facilities, and sharing Schneider Electric's digital innovation from three levels: hardware connection, software scenarios and analysis services. At the interconnection product level, Schneider Electric has realized the perceptible and communicable ability of power supply and distribution infrastructure for the data center; At the edge control level, Schneider Electric provides customers with an integrated monitoring and management platform and multiple centralized, mobile and digital management platform tools to help customers manage infrastructure faster and more efficiently. Finally, for the application, analysis and service layer, Xu Dong highlighted the facility advisor digital service module built for the power distribution side of the infrastructure of the data center. Its background platform has a 7x24 hour digital center and operation and maintenance expert team to help customers operate and maintain the data center around the clock. Xu Dong believes that through all-round digital innovation, Schneider Electric has improved the energy efficiency and availability of the data center and helped customers improve their competitiveness

odcc (Open Data Center Committee) was established in 2014, and is ranked among the three most influential open organizations in the world together with OCP and open19. Odcc has become the most important ecosystem and open platform for China to promote the progress of data center industry. At this summit, odcc publicly released the data center white paper for the first time, covering the development of data center industry at home and abroad, technology development trends, China's data center industry chain, data center policy environment and other aspects

about Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is leading the digital transformation of energy efficiency management and automation in residential, building, data center, infrastructure and industrial fields

Schneider Electric has businesses in more than 100 countries around the world. It is an undisputed leading enterprise in the field of energy management as a skeleton material, usually pp.t20 or pp.t30 (including medium voltage, low voltage and key power supply) and automation systems. We can provide users with integrated energy efficiency solutions integrating energy, automation and software

in our global ecosystem, Schneider Electric is cooperating with many excellent partners, integrators and developer communities on its own open platform to jointly provide users with real-time control and improve operational efficiency

we believe that excellent talents and partners will make Schneider Electric a great enterprise in an hour. At the same time, Schneider Electric's commitment to innovation, diversification and sustainable development will also ensure that everyone can enjoy life is on at any time and anywhere

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