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Schneider Electric held 2015 petroleum, petrochemical and Chemical Industry Innovation Summit

Nanjing, China. On May 28, 2015, global energy efficiency management expert Schneider Electric grandly held 2015 energy efficiency + start the future petroleum, petrochemical and plastic tensile testing machine Chemical Industry Innovation Summit at the Hilton Riverside Hotel in Shimao, Nanjing. At this summit, Schneider Electric invited more than 300 customers, partners, industry experts, media and other people to attend. With many wonderful keynote speeches and industry seminars throughout the whole process, Schneider Electric introduced the complete solutions provided by Schneider Electric for the petrochemical and chemical industry, and put forward solutions to comprehensively improve the overall energy efficiency of the industry

the challenge is imminent, and energy efficiency has become the key to the petrochemical and chemical industry.

in recent years, with the accelerated changes in the market environment and industrial policies, the overall energy efficiency challenges faced by the petrochemical and chemical industry are increasing. On the one hand, energy costs and labor costs are rising; On the other hand, to verify the strength of components, the government has continuously strengthened the supervision and containment of high energy consumption and high pollution production methods, and has highly warned of the safety risks in this industry

these challenges indicate that overall energy efficiency has become a key word in the industry, and also points out a clear demand direction for users in the petroleum, petrochemical and chemical industries. We will combine intelligence, digital technology and automation technology to implement transformation and upgrading for the purpose of improving overall energy efficiency

the concept of energy efficiency + starting the future leads the trend of innovative technology

this year, Schneider Electric proposed energy efficiency + starting the future, actively promote digital innovation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, realize the all-round efficiency management of interconnection, improve the overall efficiency of society, and realize the green sustainable development in balance with the ecosystem

guided by this direction, Schneider Electric has brought a series of innovative technologies, products and solutions to the petrochemical and chemical industry. In terms of technical concept, Schneider Electric first advocates the integration of energy efficiency management technology and automation technology to achieve intelligent control of overall energy efficiency; Secondly, Schneider Electric also advocates the integration of production process and control technology, using advanced control algorithms to further tap the energy efficiency potential contained in the production process

complete solutions and services help the industry upgrade

Schneider Electric can provide advanced, reliable and comprehensive product and process automation solutions for users in the petrochemical and chemical industries, including Foxboro Evo solution, Triconex safety system, quantum PLC, wireless instruments and RTU, SIMSCI esscor, Wonderware SCADA and other software and hardware systems, covering the operation management layer of process automation Plant control layer and field equipment layer. In addition, it can also combine business capabilities such as data center, power distribution and security to create a complete solution for the industry

these solutions cover oil and gas exploitation, oil and gas transportation, storage, oil refining, chemical industry and coal chemical industry at the upstream, middle and downstream of the petrochemical and chemical industry chain; At the same time, Schneider Electric also provides professional services throughout the whole life cycle of the project to meet the comprehensive needs of users

deliver industry value and improve four efficiency

in the field of petroleum, petrochemical and chemical industry, Schneider Electric, with a complete solution and service system, ultimately brings users value in industrial safety, productivity, energy conservation, environmental protection and advanced maintenance, and improves the core competitiveness of the enterprise based on overall energy efficiency

Ma Yue, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of China's industrial division, said: as a global energy efficiency management expert, Schneider Electric's goal is to help users achieve energy efficiency optimization and sustainable development. Facing the needs of users in the petroleum, petrochemical and chemical industries, we will combine our professional technical capabilities in this industry with our rich experience in energy efficiency management to bring common improvements in safety efficiency, process efficiency, energy efficiency and machine efficiency to users

about Schneider Electric

global energy efficiency management expert Schneider Electric provides overall solutions for the energy efficiency and infrastructure, industry, data center and network, building and residential markets in more than 100 countries, among which it is a world leader in energy efficiency and infrastructure, industrial process control, building automation, data center and network and other markets, and also has strong market capacity in residential applications. Committed to providing customers with safe, reliable, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly energy efficiency, Schneider Electric had sales of 24 billion euros in 2013, and the group has more than 150000 employees. Schneider Electric helps you -- make good use of its effect and enjoy its ability

3. As a leader in the field of industrial automation and control, Schneider Electric industry continues to help customers improve production capacity, ensure safety and reduce energy consumption in the field of global machine automation, discrete automation and process automation through excellent products, innovative solutions to the coexistence of multiple control modes and a deep understanding of the industry. The continuous and rapid development of the industrial division benefits from the close and seamless care for customers throughout the life cycle, and has established an ecosystem including distinctive channel partners and technical partners. The business portfolio of the industrial division includes industrial control components, frequency converters, motion control, robots, PLC, DCS, process safety, software, HMI and sensors

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