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Schneider Electric helped bat realize the reform of data center construction

Beijing, China. On July 22, 2015, with the vigorous development of domestic Internet and mobile Internet industry, the data volume can show an explosive growth trend. While accelerating the expansion, the data centers of interconnected enterprises represented by bat (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) also take innovative thinking, strict cost control Rapid deployment and green and efficient operation and maintenance requirements challenge the traditional construction concept. Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert, has focused on the field of data center construction for many years. Its forward-looking technological innovation and rich experience have attracted bat to actively cooperate with it. Schneider Electric has helped bat realize the revolutionary concept of data center in the cloud computing era by providing a variety of products and Solutions, including Scorpio cabinet, prefabricated modular data center, micro modular data center, etc

in the Internet + era, due to its business model, massive data and rapid response, Internet enterprises have higher requirements for data centers than ever before and in any industry, but in the actual detection process. First, the infrastructure needs to have the ability to expand rapidly. When the business demand suddenly increases at a high speed, the infrastructure needs to be able to provide corresponding service capabilities; Secondly, control the overall operation and energy consumption costs as much as possible, so that Internet enterprises can obtain more profits in the competitive market and occupy a favorable competitive advantage; In addition, there are high requirements for customization. The modular data center can not only meet the requirements of rapid deployment of enterprises, but also enable enterprises to enjoy customized and exclusive data center professional services according to the different business scale and needs

take a data center in Shenzhen supported by Schneider Electric as an example. At present, the data center has three data center buildings, all of which serve large domestic Internet companies, and each building contains about 1000 cabinets on average. Schneider Electric provides a complete data center solution for the construction of the data center, covering the whole line of original power distribution products of Schneider Electric, including medium voltage, low voltage, transformer, precision air conditioning and UPS, as well as the whole line of power distribution and data center products, as well as the use of micro module data center solutions to fully meet the customized needs of customers and achieve the best energy efficiency standards in the industry, The operation cost of the entire data center is minimized, and the construction cycle is compressed to four months of rapid delivery, which has successfully helped the project become the largest micro module data center in China and the operator cooperation data center with the highest technical standards in China

in the cooperation with bat, Schneider Electric also applies the most advanced Prefabrication Technology to all aspects of the data center. In the process of assisting a bat company to build an IDC mobile laboratory in Qingdao, Schneider Electric provided a complete set of container data centers including it, power, refrigeration, fire control, automatic control, access control and so on. The mobility and highly customized characteristics of the container data center meet the requirements of customers for rapid deployment and testing in different locations, and once again consolidate Schneider Electric's leading position in the prefabrication of the Internet industry. Earlier, Schneider Electric customized the first container data center project for Baidu; All these have laid a solid foundation for Schneider Electric to deepen its cooperation with bat and work together for innovation in the future

in addition, as the main supplier of the Scorpio project, Schneider Electric also joined the local cleaning and Protection Center Committee (odcc) for open data. 4. By sharing its advantages in the field of technology, it participated in the formulation of unified technical specifications for modular data centers and Scorpio cabinets in China, so as to jointly build an open industrial ecological environment and promote the data center industry towards openness, innovation, sharing The direction of win-win development. And by providing customized light shielding agent services, we can meet the demand transformation from made in China to designed in China

Ding Weiqing, senior vice president of Schneider Electric worldwide and head of it business department in Greater China, said: for Internet enterprises, all businesses are based on a large number of terminals and users. Schneider Electric has many years of experience in cooperating with bat. By providing star products and customized solutions, it realizes the combination of software and hardware, and meets the requirements of interconnected companies for efficient, safe, flexible deployment and power guarantee of data centers. In the future, Schneider Electric will continue to deepen cooperation with Internet enterprises and continue to contribute to the green development of bat in the field of data centers

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