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Data and future control of cigarette label printing color management

Color Management in the printing process plays a decisive role in the whole color management system, because the quality of this stage of work is directly related to the quality of batch products, especially in the field of cigarette label printing with stability as the first requirement. If it is not well controlled, it will either be scrapped in batch, customer complaints and returns, or it will directly affect its reputation

first, the importance of data standardization

the so-called standardization is to maximize standardization. Under the same process conditions, the printing effect should be completely consistent in different places, at different times, and with different operators. This requires the measurement and control of process parameters to stabilize the process conditions. This requires us to determine the key processes in the printing process according to the characteristics of the enterprise. Only when all processes are well controlled in the printing process can we achieve the purpose of professional production

in traditional printing production, employees' thinking is perceptual, empirical and disordered, and they often use the way of teachers with apprentices to teach skills. In the thinking habits of some teachers, they always believe that printing production relies on the experience handed down from generation to generation. It is unclear. If you have more experience, you will naturally know. In fact, this is an unscientific and imprecise 1-range practice. Modern printing requires many steps to be completed together. It requires a scientific and strict system and process flow to maximize cost savings, improve production efficiency and ensure stable printing quality

the standardization and standardization of enterprises can form a strong productivity. A large number of long-term data statistics have been made by research institutions in London, England, and it is concluded that the 13% economic growth in Europe is due to standardization, which is much higher than the driving force of patented technology on the economy. We must be keenly aware that the rational era of the printing industry has arrived. In recent years, the business strategy alliance jointly formed by a number of suppliers of the printing industry and academic groups has implemented a unified operation identification format, which controls the effective operation of the production process by establishing a standard output and input information format. It has become a consensus of standardization, digitization and standardization in the industry, and is known as a milestone in the standardization of the printing industry

standardization is indeed conducive to printing quality control, effectively reducing costs and improving service levels. The printing production process is long and complicated. The control of printing quality lies in the whole process. If any process link is not handled properly, the skill level of operators in each link is uneven, and the operation is not standardized, it is impossible to produce fine printing products. For each production process, set control points and control elements, and take whether they meet the standard requirements as the basis for flowing into the next process to control the process

2. Color digitization of cigarette packaging products

for printing enterprises, while formulating the color quality standards of finished printing products, they must also formulate the quality standards of printing materials (ink and paper) and carry out effective control to achieve the required printing quality. The tolerance range of print color and paper eligibility can adopt the same control standard as that of print users (cigarette enterprises). 1. Regularly check the screws at the jaw; Or, according to the production conditions of the printing enterprise, formulate relatively strict control standards

formulate the standard chromaticity coordinate value of the ink, which can adopt the same standard chromaticity coordinate value as the designated target color of the print; Alternatively, the data obtained from the measurement of the ink color sample obtained after the designated ink scraping is taken as the standard chromaticity coordinate value of the ink by using the prototype with the function of both decoration and aesthetics of automatic ink scraping. In this way, the incoming ink can be easily detected and controlled without printing on the machine. The color difference of the printed matter is the comprehensive performance of all influencing factors, which can protect the sensor from collision. Therefore, for the quality control of the incoming ink, a relatively strict range of eligibility tolerance must be formulated, so that the printed matter obtained by integrating the color difference changes caused by other influencing factors after printing can meet the final quality requirements

formulation of standard chromaticity value of target color

color quality management of cigarette trademark can use spectrophotometer and color data processing system. Its minimum measuring diameter is 3mm; Therefore, the actual measured area of the measured color on the cigarette trademark must be greater than 3mm to be meaningful; It must be greater than 5mm to facilitate staff detection and obtain good repetition accuracy

test color blocks with a diameter of 5 ~ 8mm shall be printed on all colors that need to be controlled where the cigarette trademark is covered after rolling and does not affect the sizing

sample 20 ~ 100 or more proofed trademarks. After the standard formulation Department observes with human eyes, the proofed trademarks that meet the design color requirements and the difference between various pieces is within the width of human eyes are used as standard color samples

measure the chromaticity of each color of the above standard color sample and make statistical calculation, and the average value of L, a and B calculated is taken as the standard chromaticity value of the color in the trademark; Or use the average value measurement in the target color setting function in the color quality control software to formulate the standard chromaticity value

repeat the above operations to formulate the relevant L, a, b standard chromaticity values and the target color tolerance range for different trademarks and colors

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