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Schneider Electric has been honored as the market leader of advanced distribution management system by Gartner for two consecutive years. There is no intention to decline in 2015. On April 29, global energy efficiency management expert Schneider Electric announced that it was rated as the leading manufacturer of advanced distribution management system by Gartner for the second consecutive year. In addition, in Gartner's Research Report on the core capabilities of advanced distribution management systems, Schneider Electric products received the highest scores in three application cases: improving terminal response, optimizing power operation, and managing the impact of distributed energy

Gartner Research Report, including magic sincerely welcomes users to call and consult our company's product power quadrant report, is widely recognized as an authoritative report for the evaluation of the competitiveness of the information technology industry in the industry. Gartner Magic Quadrant report provides in-depth analysis and visual summary of the development direction and maturity of the market and major suppliers

Mr. zhaoguohua, chairman of the board and CEO of Schneider Electric Group, said: we are very honored to be recognized by authoritative research institutions such as Gartner. The Magic Quadrant and the new core competence research report reflect the evolution trend of the advanced distribution management system market, and point out customers' expectations for the improvement of electrical reliability and efficiency. As the city's No.1 leader in the workplace due to mechanical and electrical failure, Schneider Electric is committed to providing solutions for power customers to manage the growing demand for electricity and peak load, help them integrate renewable energy into electricity, and improve power quality and availability from the control center to the customer

Schneider Electric is known as the Magic Quadrant leader of Gartner's advanced distribution management system, which further highlights its unique advantages and widens the gap between it and other suppliers in the market. Schneider Electric believes that this praise is due to the company's provision of a large number of functional components of the distribution management system and the successful deployment of relevant systems

Schneider Electric's advanced distribution management system can assist power management in four aspects: power analysis, operation, planning and optimization. The system simplifies the deployment process, reduces the number of maintenance, optimizes capital expenditure, and ensures the recoverability and reliability of power distribution. In addition, the system also has advanced analysis function, which can provide advance demand management scheme, so as to optimize the operation of distribution network, ensure the distribution of energy and improve the management process in extreme weather environment

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