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Schneider Electric Hannover exhibition shows the latest solutions

global energy efficiency management expert Schneider Electric shows the application of its latest solutions in smart electricity, smart cities and data centers at the Hannover Industrial Expo in Germany. DuPont and Dow will still keep their original company names. Visitors can personally experience the global energy-saving and efficiency enhancing solutions from power plants to power terminals. Schneider Electric will hold a series of seminars during the exhibition to discuss with guests how to use high-performance solutions to deal with today's energy dilemma

the intelligent electrolysis solution exhibits a real system based on ecostruxuretm energy efficiency management platform in an interactive demonstration. Centralized display: integrated solutions for catering factories; Intelligent power generation, flexible power distribution and demand response

smart city integrated solutions show that Schneider Electric can create a more efficient, environmentally friendly and livable city worldwide by integrating the solutions of the following modules: smart electricity, smart transportation, smart public facilities, smart buildings and residences, smart water and smart security

data center energy efficiency management solution Schneider Electric's latest data center energy and cooling equipment module focuses on the advantages of using new equipment over using traditional equipment: the configuration speed is increased by 60%, and the original cost is reduced by at least 13%

during the exhibition, Schneider Electric will make a keynote speech on how to achieve a more intelligent city, a more effective power transmission mode, the implementation of smart electricity and ecostruxuretm's industrial solutions

as a leader in the field of industrial automation and control, Schneider Electric has always been committed to providing customers with high-performance and high-quality products with innovative ideas, reliable logistics systems and perfect after-sales services, and providing end users and machine manufacturers in the industrial field with safe, simple, efficient and innovative automation products and complete sets of automation equipment, including data collection The precision is 0.5hr programmable controller, man-machine dialogue, servo motion control and frequency converter drive, personnel and machine safety, power supply and protection, wiring and i/o system, software, etc

Schneider Electric always takes energy conservation and efficiency improvement as the core of its strategy, constantly pursues innovative technologies, and is committed to providing end users and machine manufacturers in the industrial field with a complete series of automation products, an open energy efficiency management platform and leading industry solutions. It can help customers improve productivity and reduce energy consumption by buying a blow molding machine at home, so as to make full use of its efficiency and enjoy its full potential

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