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In the post subsidy era of new energy, data empowerment becomes the key to breakthrough

under the background of increasingly prominent global energy shortages and environmental pollution, the development of new energy vehicles is undoubtedly the general trend. According to the prediction of new era securities, the global new energy vehicle market space is expected to grow to 10 trillion yuan

China is the world's leading new energy vehicle production and marketing market, and will also become the fastest-growing market. Up to now, local car companies including BYD and Geely, joint venture brands such as BMW Brilliance, foreign brands such as Tesla, and new forces of connected car manufacturing such as velai have also joined this battlefield

along with opportunities come changes. With the official implementation of the double credit policy, the new energy vehicle market has gradually entered the post subsidy era, which makes the development of China's new energy vehicle market full of uncertainty. Some automobile manufacturers began to face a series of problems, such as unclear capital return and confused marketing strategy

the market of new energy vehicles has changed, and big data has become a breakthrough.

with the continuous participation of players, Xinxin will be tested according to gb/t 531-1999~ rubber pocket hardness tester indentation hardness test method; Tensile strength energy vehicle market changes from blue ocean to red ocean

in this market with sufficient competitors, marketing is not unimportant, but what we are more afraid of is ineffective marketing. Facing the problem that the marketing mode of car enterprises is too traditional, in recent two years, more and more car enterprises have proposed to introduce big data innovation mechanism to break the situation with big data marketing. For example, new forces such as Weilai automobile broke the traditional way of making and selling cars, and used Internet thinking to improve automotive intelligence and user experience. The differentiated competition among automobile manufacturers will be more intense

when the new energy vehicle market moves from policy driven to consumption driven, whether it can meet consumer demand will redefine the ranking of entrants. Demand side data has become a new "winning weapon" for car enterprises. With the help of data on the demand side, we can answer the question that almost all new energy vehicle enterprises are constantly thinking: where are the target users of new energy vehicles? What kind of electric vehicles and supporting services do consumers need more

at the world interconnection conference held on November 8, autohome released the blue book of new energy vehicle consumption insights (hereinafter referred to as the blue book), which provides some problem-solving ideas for the confused new energy market and manufacturers from the level of big data

as China's leading automotive Internet service platform, autohome has the advantage of massive data resources. The latest data shows that the number of daily active users of autohome exceeds 35million, its research platform covers more than 60million users, and the number of real car owners exceeds one million. The 205000 valid samples obtained by the blue book are the result of getting through the research data and big data resources of autohome

unlike traditional industry research reports, based on the huge user base and data of autohome, the blue book can more truly reflect the voice of the demand side of the new energy market. Through the 60 day professional analysis of 20 senior analysts and relevant experts in the automotive industry at autohome, the blue book also points out the current confusion and future direction of the new energy vehicle market

the blue book points out that around 2024, the new energy vehicle market will usher in the outbreak of natural demand. At this time, the long-term advantages of the development of new energy vehicles will gradually become prominent, followed by breakthroughs in battery technology and improvements in intelligent vehicles and autonomous driving technology

since the demand explosion will occur in the near future, it shows that this industry can still be expected, and the sales forecast of 11.04 million vehicles by 2028 is also tempting enough. The premise is that before 2024, without government subsidies, how can manufacturers survive on the market with excellent technology and precision products

"blue book" survey data show that the main battlefield of new energy vehicles is also quietly changing. In the past, China's new energy passenger vehicle market was mainly the rigid demand of purchase restriction cities, and non purchase restriction cities are becoming the potential market of new energy vehicles. Specifically, the acceptance of new energy vehicles in non restricted cities is higher than that in restricted cities. Shandong and its surrounding cities have the highest acceptance, while Beijing, which first implemented the license restriction policy, has the lowest acceptance

even if the third and fourth tier markets have a large room for growth, "mileage anxiety" is still the biggest problem faced by new energy vehicle users. The main reasons why users refuse new energy vehicles are inconvenient charging and short mileage

for this problem, the blue book obtains accurate consumer needs through big data analysis: 500 kilometers, 2-hour charging time, 1-kilometer charging radius, which will be able to meet the needs of more than half of users. More specifically, users' acceptance of models with a range of 500 kilometers is nearly 30 percentage points higher than that of 450 kilometers; More than half of users can accept 2 hours of charging time; The charging range is controlled within 1 km, which can meet the needs of 63.8% of users

all of the above are derived from the voices of 205000 real users of autohome. The demand side data analysis of great reference significance for the current new energy vehicle market, especially for the product planning and marketing launch of automobile manufacturers, the blue book of autohome gives more clear direction

auto home big data enables the development of the industry

in the Internet era, data is undoubtedly the most valuable resource for companies. Even Internet giants such as bat need to make extensive investments to obtain relevant data from different industries

for automobile manufacturers, how to obtain and use data to grow healthily in the rapidly expanding new energy vehicle market

on the one hand, manufacturers can build a cloud platform to get through the data, and the corresponding technical departments can improve the algorithm to process the data. On the other hand, cloud accounts for 13.9%; The establishment of an equipment platform with a journey of 500 900mm and the formation of an algorithm are not achieved overnight. Car companies need to rely on the power of big data platform in the changing competitive environment

under such a premise, the release of autohome's blue book is more necessary for the industry. Relying on the real massive big data resources of autohome, with the help of a highly intelligent research delivery system, blue book is an effective, accurate and large-scale research in the field of new energy at present

but data volume is only the superficial advantage of autohome big data, and data value is its deep advantage. It is reported that autohome has not only consumer behavior data focusing on the automotive industry, but also closed-loop data of automotive product transactions that explore the entire transaction process of consumers, as well as business data that understand the financial attributes of consumers. By analyzing these data through crowd tags, it can further insight into consumer behavior. Statistics show that in the sales of more than 20 million passenger cars in the Chinese market in 2017, a large number of transactions came from the clues of autohome

there are many and accurate data, which comes from the accumulation of media experience of autohome. According to public information, autohome was transformed and upgraded into an auto company based on data technology in 2016. It is committed to empowering the b-end with real C-end data, combined with user needs, to help manufacturers make sales forecasts, and then "feed back" the research of new cars. 1. The product description, design and manufacturing of liquid crystal material testing machine will also carry out brand trend analysis according to consumer preferences, and gradually change the situation of brand overcapacity and product unsalability

it is worth noting that the blue book is only one step in the transformation and upgrading of autohome from a vertical field company to an auto company based on data technology. They have more "actions" in the enabling auto industry

in terms of big data products, at present, autohome's subsidiaries provide professional big data products for car enterprises - chezhiyun, as well as intelligent data products for dealers and used car dealers. For example, "chezhiyun" can provide eight products, including sales volume prediction, competition pattern, marketing funnel, communication monitoring, clue analysis, product planning, configuration strategy, product modification, and data services covering the whole life cycle of enterprise development

relying on real big data, autohome has realized three major tools for moped enterprises to carry out marketing revolution: decision support system, intelligent marketing solutions, and smart series. Relying on these three tools, its customized research services that can be monitored in real time help enterprises explain the changes in demand in the new energy market from the perspective of more consumers' data. For example, autohome will use character recognition and voice recognition technology in station comments and user comments to analyze users' feedback on the model, and automatically decompose it into positive feedback and negative feedback. It will analyze the priority of users' preferences according to the characteristics of automotive products, and feed back the corresponding user portrait data to dealers, so that dealers can better understand potential users and carry out targeted marketing

incomplete statistics show that mainstream auto manufacturers such as FAW Volkswagen have chosen to cooperate with autohome, which mainly focuses on three levels: search, content and advertising

of course, whether it's establishing a cloud platform or cooperating with big data companies, the essence of car companies is to truly reach end users and realize the connection between production and consumption by obtaining and analyzing data on the demand side and industry. In the second half of the new energy vehicle industry, it is not only technology, but also services, strategies, marketing methods and in-depth insight into consumer needs. Data empowerment is the source to help car companies achieve comprehensive and sustainable evolution. For this reason, autohome relies on its big data advantages to launch a series of service products to help the healthy development of the automotive industry, which is of more practical significance at present

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