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Data center machine room construction in the era of "post data centralization"

when more and more things are put into a "basket", once the "basket" overturns, the huge losses will be incalculable

this suspense is a by-product left to people by "data centralization". After several years of development, many industries in China have entered the era of "post data centralization" from "data centralization". In this process, the core competitiveness of enterprises has been greatly improved, but the centralized data security risk is also quietly coming. People can't help thinking, what can we do to protect the "basket full of data" of the data center

the era of "post data centralization" has come.

since the end of the 20th century, China's major industries have begun to build their own business networks according to their own business needs, with banking, insurance, postal, taxation and other industries as typical representatives. They either collect data to provincial centers, or establish large regional data centers or even national data centers, This era is called the era of "data centralization"

at the beginning of the 21st century, the above industries have basically completed the "data centralization" or entered the final stage, and began to enter the era of "post data centralization". The typical characteristics of this era are that the basic network has been basically in place, and the basic business has been carried and operated on the basic network. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of competition, enterprises should further optimize and transform the original business infrastructure to make it more suitable for business development and management optimization. The focus of information construction in the era of "post data centralization" is "multi business integration", that is, through the use of new technologies to integrate decentralized business systems, reengineer business processes, and make them more in line with the personalized needs of customers

"multi business integration" means the diversification of data types. Through business integration, the data centrally managed by the data center is no longer the original single character data, but includes more diverse data types such as characters, pictures, reports, scanned copies and even voice and video, which means that the data center needs to process, store and transmit "more kinds", "larger scale" and "higher importance" data

improves competitiveness and concentrates risks.

it is not difficult to imagine that "multi business integration" not only improves the core competitiveness of enterprises, but also concentrates the data security risks of enterprises. As various types of business data are directly gathered in the data center for unified management, the data center has become more huge and complex, and the data in the data center has become increasingly critical. For these larger and more important data centers, any power failure, system failure and improper human operation may cause the loss of key data, and then cause the stagnation of enterprise business and immeasurable economic losses

at the same time, blade servers, with their outstanding performance and density advantages, are rapidly replacing traditional tower and rack servers and becoming the main equipment of data centers. In the same space, blade servers have higher computing density, consume more power, and emit more heat. Therefore, the problems of power supply, refrigeration, and heat dissipation faced by data centers are more prominent

in this context, the construction of the network energy system in the computer room of the data center is bound to face a series of changes: from decentralized power supply to centralized power supply; From non-stop power supply to pure uninterrupted power supply; From paying attention to power supply guarantee to data security guarantee; From focusing on the high reliability of a single device to focusing on the high reliability and high availability of the whole system. In this way, the establishment of an "integrated" network energy system has become a general trend

Emerson "combines hardness and softness" to protect the "basket full of data"

Emerson's "new generation data center network energy flexible overall solution" is a typical "integrated" network energy solution. This scheme realizes the full compatibility and cooperation between the network energy subsystems of IDC machine room, has the organic redundancy from system components to systems, eliminates the single point of failure from components to systems, and greatly improves the availability and security of the entire IDC machine room

the "flexibility" in Emerson's solutions means that Emerson can come up with the most suitable solutions and products for customers no matter how the industry is innovated or how customer needs change - it can not only support the "upward expansion" of IDC computer room system to adapt to the rapid development of data center, but also "reconfigure" to adapt to the different needs of data center at different stages of development

"We design our products into different modular units equivalent to Thailand, and carry out standardized operations on these modular units, and then carry out targeted customized design according to the application occasions of customers, which is' flexible '. Our DC power supply scheme conventional electronic Wanneng mainly adopts servo electromechanical as the power source, 4. Screw grip force experimental method AC power supply scheme, constant temperature and humidity scheme in the machine room, monitoring scheme, indoor and outdoor Outdoor power supply schemes all embody the concept of 'flexibility'. " Mr. Ding Qigang, vice president of Emerson Network energy, analyzed Emerson's concept of "flexibility"

"combining hardness and softness" is the road. Behind "flexibility" is actually "rigidity", which is reflected in Emerson's outstanding performance in quality and stability, especially the "six high" advantages of Emerson's solutions, namely, high availability, high reliability, high flexibility, high compatibility, high fault tolerance, and high maintainability. Taking the "new generation data center network energy flexible overall solution" as an example, the availability of this solution has reached 99.99999% - the cumulative failure time of each power system is no more than 1 minute in an average of 20 years. Even in case of power failure, lightning strike, electrical pollution, static electricity and other external factors or equipment failure, Emerson Network energy can achieve continuous power supply to ensure the stability and safety of users' key businesses

so far, Emerson's network energy flexible overall solution has been successfully applied to many typical "post data centralization" enterprises, including the head office of Bank of China, Citibank Beijing Branch, Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai branch and so on. "Our data center is getting larger and more important, but this' basket full of data 'does not make us feel uneasy," said the head of the data center of a financial enterprise. "All this is due to the excellent guarantee of Emerson integrated network energy solutions."

looking forward to the future, as more and more industries and enterprises enter the era of "post data centralization", Emerson's "new generation data center network energy flexible overall solution" is bound to play a broader influence, escort more IDC computer rooms, free more CIOs from their "basket", and then put more energy into the core business of the enterprise

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