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Opportunities and competition coexist in the building materials and machinery industry

when proposing the idea of accelerating the development of new technologies and new products, the national building materials administration pointed out that the development of new building materials should focus on the reform of wall materials, develop a number of lightweight and high-strength hollow bricks, block bricks, new plates and chemical building materials products that use industrial waste residues, and strengthen the elimination of the production capacity of solid clay bricks that destroy land, waste resources and pollute the environment, The proportion of new wall materials will reach more than 25% this year. These new wall materials cannot be separated from the development and research of new building materials and mechanical equipment, and they need to be digested. It should be said that these three are an organic whole to absorb foreign advanced mechanical equipment technology

compared with foreign countries, the overall level of China's machinery industry has a large gap. China's entry into WTO undoubtedly promotes the transformation of the management mechanism of the machinery industry, which is conducive to improving the technical level of China's machinery industry, accelerating the development progress of the machinery industry, and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. However, the machinery industry cannot rely on foreign machinery products, let alone ignore domestic machinery products. After joining the WTO, foreign machinery industry products will inevitably enter the Chinese market, which is more likely to seriously occupy the living space of domestic machinery enterprises. Therefore, the domestic machinery industry is facing all-round challenges, and the domestic entrepreneurs are facing intelligence tests

it can be asserted that China's accession to the WTO will definitely promote China's machinery industry product market. Building materials machinery should seize the opportunity to build a domestic leading and international advanced silicon carbide semiconductor industry and optoelectronic industry cluster, deepen reform, speed up product development, and enhance innovation ability

Lei Qianzhi, deputy director of the State Administration of building materials, said at the symposium held for the building materials industry at the "China investment and Trade Fair" that in order to enable foreign investment to obtain the best benefits, China has put forward a clear investment orientation according to the needs of the development of the domestic building materials market, that is, it welcomes foreign investment in the technological transformation of old enterprises to accelerate the transformation of the traditional building materials industry; We welcome foreign investment in the central and western regions to promote the transfer of labor-intensive industries to the central and western regions

the western development in 2000 has become the focus of the industry, especially the compatibility between infrastructure construction and human blood and tissue is also good, and a large number of new building materials are required. Therefore, building materials machinery should have a sense of advance, design new building materials machinery and equipment suitable for China's national conditions, and learn from foreign new technologies. While focusing on design and technology, enterprises should focus on the future market, structure and quality. The Tenth Five Year Plan period will be a period when our building materials industry will lead the product technology and equipment to a new level. The sustained, rapid and healthy development of the national economy will certainly create a good external environment for the development of our building materials machinery. (Architecture news, May 9, 2000)

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