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Lighting industry: opportunities and pitfalls also exist. The most important thing is to adhere to

recently, many friends inside and outside the help asked about choosing suppliers and brand agents. This time, let's talk about things other than the topic sharing in the help industry, and tell me my views. Because the two articles I shared about channels and products are the first time to use popular words, and the goods may be a little dry. But the content shared in the past two times did not dare to be too intense and straightforward for two reasons

first, people have different values and different ways of playing about their own social circle, and some things are inconvenient to explain

second, all kinds of things seen and heard in the process of industry development can not be solved in the view of one family, but more hope to attract jade

for the brand cooperation, supplier selection, product rules, marketing, customer positioning and other topics mentioned by friends, I may find word answers in the two long and boring words I shared before. I was born as a man of science and engineering. After studying physics in University, my dialectical thinking was somewhat solidified. I didn't like and was not good at sharing inspirational words

in the later stage, I will learn and discuss with you some foolish opinions on the hot spots of the industry, the pain points of manufacturers and businesses, and the pain points of channel channels. There is little mention or comment on e-commerce issues, the application of online promotion tools, including the existence of a certain scale of wholesale channels in the current channels of the industry, and so on

this aspect is mainly based on such thinking and opinions. The above problems are not simply problems in our lighting industry. It is difficult or impossible to rely on industries, industries or leading enterprises to subvert or regenerate. More affected by the national macro level, social and economic structure, class changes, industrial upgrading and adjustment and other factors. For example, the future positioning of wholesalers is a common and difficult problem in all industries

there are too many factors in the macro social economy, such as logistics, information sharing, big data integration, service system development, industrial chain reconstruction, which are beyond our control. No one can see through it. Just like Alibaba a decade ago, no one would expect it to cut into the domestic market from the foreign market so quickly, and self denial so fast from traditional e-commerce to the recent new retail. But there is one thing that works well, the legitimate use of social humanity

in recent years, I have tossed a lot and given up a lot of things, but some things have been foolishly sticking to them. I can be regarded as a lamplighter with dreams among losers

what will happen to the industry in the next few years? It is not only you and me in the light business group who are looking for answers and ensure a certain smoothness, but also the industry masters. The time we spent together in the circle is worth cherishing. Life lies in tossing. Don't let yourself idle when you can toss. I am particularly grateful to my family, relatives and friends for their attention, support and selfless help during my tossing period

the conservation law of energy ± 90 ° and zero in horizontal position tells us that the pursuit of career is easy to cause mistreatment to too many people in life. Self love, great love and fraternity, the love concept pursued for many years, as a loser in reality, can only be hidden in the heart. Summer in the south is easy to make people upset and irritable. Go out and come back sweating. Sometimes when you open your notebook and code words, you can calm down and think about your own planning and the phenomenon and essence of industry hotspots

three years is a small threshold in the industry, and five years is a big threshold. Many people can't give their own answers whether they can overcome it in ten years. I've seen too many friends around me soak in the lamp circle for less than a year and a half, so I chose to leave. It is not that they are not persistent enough, but that as a niche industry, opportunities and traps also exist

it has always been believed that although the entry threshold of the lighting industry is low, the threshold for doing well is high, and the innovation cost is too high. In fact, this industry is not easy to mix, but it's not a bad thing if you can meet your predecessors at the start-up stage

the deadline of a community usually slowly manifests itself in about a year. After all, I have been here for half a year. In the early years of the community, I had an unforgettable experience. The past friends worked together and gathered together, as if yesterday had reappeared. The place where there are groups is the Jianghu. A group of 14 mortar concrete waterproof agent is also a Jianghu

community is more important than the advantages of the process brought about by the high accuracy and high reproducibility of groups and industries. Whether it can exist or not requires the guidance of group owners and managers on the one hand, and the participation of all staff on the other hand, so as to help each other with a public heart, be positive, reach a consensus, and seek common ground while reserving differences to do something meaningful. In the new lighting industry, physical manufacturers and businesses are increasingly confused. Many lamp traders have already completed the accumulation of funds and resources with the help of the golden development period of the industry

but after entering the era of Internet, led and mobile Internet, there are more modes and routines, mutual trust is difficult to build, and communication is fortified. Lamp dealers were confused, confused, stuck, and some even quit. 2016 is the first time that the sales volume of the lighting industry has declined in the past three decades. This is a watershed, which may be a warning signal. Now we seldom go to the market and have customers pay a return visit. Instead, we develop a circle of friends that regularly turns over thousands of friends

the times have changed us too much. The only thing that hasn't changed is that many lamp dealers in the circle have always adhered to the industry, perhaps because of their original feelings, or because of life's helplessness. But every lamp dealer with at least social heart is a respected messenger of light in social life

can each threshold in the process of employment be overcome, and how long will it take? Neither you nor I can answer. The only thing we can do is to persevere foolishly and walk bravely and firmly towards our dreams

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