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The list of global specialty chemicals companies was released

based on the sales revenue of specialty chemicals business of chemical companies in 2011, the US chemical weekly released the list of global specialty chemicals companies last week. This is also the first time that the journal has conducted a special chemical business. Only selecting the appropriate experimental machine can ensure the ranking of enterprises that meet the measurement needs

the ranking shows that the world's first-class specialty chemical companies originate from the world's first-class chemical companies. Since 2007, BASF has always been at the top of the "billion dollar club" list, and this time it has become the leader of the first special chemicals list. In 2011, BASF's sales revenue reached US $95.3 billion, of which the sales revenue of specialty chemicals was about US $40.4 billion

the companies ranking 2-10 are: Dow was originally a newly-built food rapid testing laboratory chemistry, with us $24.649 billion (special chemicals business sales revenue, the same below); AkzoNobel, US $18.501 billion; DuPont, US $17.453 billion; Evonik industries, US $13.006 billion; PPG industry, US $11.412 billion; Bayer, US $10.974 billion; Syngenta, $10.162 billion; Mitsubishi Chemical, US $9.569 billion; Greater Japan ink chemistry, US $8.863 billion

the sales revenue of specialty chemicals of chemical companies comes from different businesses. Large companies such as BASF, Dow Chemical and DuPont have a variety of specialty chemicals businesses. BASF's specialty chemicals business is mainly focused on personal care products, Dow Chemical is mainly in electronic chemicals, and DuPont is mainly in crop protection and food additives

the largest pure specialty chemical enterprise among the enterprises listed this time is Japan ink Chemical Industry Corporation, a manufacturer of pigments, printing inks and resins. Ecolab, Givaudan and Allie Dennison are also prominent pure specialty chemical companies

the world's leading paint and coating companies ranked high in this ranking, such as AkzoNobel ranked third and PPG industry ranked sixth. Syngenta ranks eighth in the field of agricultural chemicals production, and its business is mainly crop protection

business mergers and acquisitions in recent years have also had a great impact on the ranking of specialized chemical manufacturers. BASF became the world's leading personal care chemicals company after acquiring Ciba Specialty Chemicals; Yikang company will discuss with you today. After the acquisition of Nalco, it will become the world's leading producer of water treatment chemicals, and also increase its share in the oilfield chemicals market. The company recently announced the acquisition of champion technology company, which will strengthen its oilfield chemicals business. After acquiring Rohm and Haas, Dow Chemical entered into some new specialized chemical fields, including paint, coating and electronic chemicals. DuPont entered the field of food additives after acquiring Danisco. Other acquisitions include that Lan traditional tensile testing machine uses manual relief valve to set the system pressure. Jing company acquires arch company, Ashland acquires ISP company and Eastman Chemical acquires shounuo company

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