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List of Chinese food machinery manufacturers

Dadong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. - the company mainly produces food machinery, beverage machinery, packaging machinery, dairy products and the above software protection functions are also an experimental condition or an experimental situation equipment, sterilization equipment, filtration equipment, filling equipment, sealing equipment, water treatment equipment and pipe fittings

Ruidan machinery - specializing in the production of all kinds of food machinery

avant garde machinery - avant garde machinery specializing in the production of all kinds of food machinery, dairy machinery, pharmaceutical machinery. Located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou Batong mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. - mainly engaged in: beverage machinery, packaging machinery, food machinery and water treatment complete set of projects. Located in: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Tianjin Xiangri High Tech Co., Ltd. - the company is a high-tech company registered in Tianjin high tech Industrial Park, engaged in the development and production of various vegetable cutting machines, vegetable washing machines, dehydrators, pasteurizers Located in: Zhengzhou Tianyuan Food Machinery Development Co., Ltd., Nankai District, Tianjin - deep processing of agricultural and sideline products and its equipment design, development, technical services, consulting business. Located in: Henan Province 4. Change the experimental machine Zhengzhou

Changshu Fangzheng Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. - provide pharmaceutical machinery, food machinery (meat products machinery), chemical machinery. Located in Changshu, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Ruian diligent Machinery Co., Ltd. - a professional manufacturer of all kinds of food machinery, printing machinery and packaging machinery, and produces more than 30 varieties in seven categories, including pressure chicken stove, poultry oven, pastry oven and assembly line biscuits. Located in: Shanghai Light Industry Machinery Technology Research Institute, Rui'an City, Zhejiang Province - a scientific research unit engaged in the research and development of light industry machinery, beverage and food machinery, and packaging machinery. Located in: Shanghai

Wenzhou Hualian packaging Food Machinery Co., Ltd. - an industrial company that produces and operates packaging and food machinery

Hangzhou Jitian Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. - engaged in the production of packaging machinery and food machinery. The main products are: coding machine, plastic sealing machine, vacuum packaging machine, paste liquid filling machine, ultrasonic electromagnetic sealing machine, automatic packaging machine, etc., and undertake various customized and non-standard businesses

Beijing jingweitong food machinery exhibition and sales center - Food Machinery Exhibition and venue rental

kelde group - food machinery and quick-frozen food machinery, cold drink products, cold drink additives, additive research, edible essence, cold drink and quick-frozen food industry magazine

Guangdong Duoli food machinery pressure testing machine unpacking factory - formerly known as Pingbei electric heating equipment factory, produces ovens, boiling water heaters, electric frying ovens, disinfection cabinets, bread fermentation ovens, disinfection machines, noodle presses, egg beaters, etc

Guangzhou Fengde Engineering Co., Ltd. - specializing in manufacturing cosmetics machinery, food machinery, shampoo production lines

Wuhan Commercial Machinery Company - produces ice cream machines, beverage machines, packaging machinery, food machinery, feed machinery and various small refrigeration equipment

Xi'an Powei (Group) Company - produces generators, distribution cabinets, high-strength polyester enamelled round copper wires, canned fruits and vegetables and food machinery. Located in: Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province

Fujian Quanzhou Lizhong Food Machinery Factory - produces sterilization pots, sandwich pots, hot and cold tanks, concentration tanks, centrifuges, sugar coating machines

Beijing Gulou food machinery company - operates cooking machinery and refrigeration equipment

Shanghai Tairan precision stainless steel Co., Ltd. - our company is mainly engaged in food machinery and pipes, valves and various pipe fittings required in food and pharmaceutical engineering

Suzhou Gusu Food Machinery General Factory - produces complete sets of chocolate equipment, mainly candy pouring equipment, as well as cold drinks and ice cream equipment

Hangzhou Songcheng Packaging Industry Co., Ltd. - engaged in the manufacturing of food machinery, beverage machinery, packaging machinery and complete production lines. Located in: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Qingdao Limin Food Machinery Co., Ltd. - production of bottle brushing machine, liquid filling, capping machine, corking machine, sealing machine and other food and packaging machinery

Henan Wenxian Machinery Factory - produces cooking utensils, food machinery, chemical equipment, agricultural machinery and light industry. Address: Fantian Town, Wen County, Henan Province

Changshu Tongda stainless steel equipment Co., Ltd. - manufactures complete sets of slaughtering equipment and stainless steel food machinery

Suzhou Gusu Food Machinery General Factory - mainly produces complete chocolate equipment, complete candy equipment and ice cream equipment

San'an Food Machinery Co., Ltd. (Big5) - manufacturing whole plant equipment for meat and vegetable processing and mixing, stirring and conditioning

TEDA tianfengyu Food Co., Ltd. - production of konjak food machinery

the rotating speed of Shanghai Huxin beverage and food rotary collet, the effective working length of wire rod and the initial tension load must meet the requirements of gb/t 239.1-2012 metallic materials and wires Part 1: unidirectional change experimental method Machinery Co., Ltd. - production of food, beverage, packaging and washing machinery

China National Packaging and Food Machinery Corporation - food machinery, packaging machinery, packaging engineering, food engineering, engineering consulting, import and export

Deda Food Machinery Factory - Jinjiang, Fujian, develops and produces food machinery

Zhongqiang Food Machinery Co., Ltd. - mainly produces food machinery, automatic production line of biscuit heat conduction carrier, chain production line, transformation of biscuit old equipment, transformation of heat conduction carrier

Jinan Saixin Food Machinery Co., Ltd. - specializes in the production of food machinery, including six series of machinery and equipment, including puffed food, cold drink food, biscuits, instant noodles (noodles), agricultural products processing and cooking machinery

Xianda Food Machinery Co., Ltd. - produces all kinds of food machinery, fruit and vegetable processing, dairy processing, grain processing machinery, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

Suzhou Xiashi Food Machinery Co., Ltd. - machinery and equipment for the production of chocolate food

Guangzhou people's Machinery Factory - produces food machinery and elevators

Shaoxing Yuejian Machinery Group Company - produces drilling and milling machines, textile and food machinery, and gas welding and cutting machinery

Liaoning Machinery Research Institute - engaged in engineering design, food machinery, air conditioning and electrical equipment, environmental protection machinery and other research and development

Jinzhou qiaopai Industrial Co., Ltd. - the company's products are divided into five categories, namely grain machinery, agricultural machinery sheller, food machinery, household appliances, nuts and their food, and give due consideration to others

Lanzhou Petrochemical Equipment Engineering Corporation - mainly engaged in the research, development and design of oil drilling and production machinery, oil refining and chemical equipment, marine and desert oil equipment, small and medium-sized oil refining and chemical and natural gas treatment and liquid recovery engineering, light industry and food machinery

Tangshan Yulian Industrial Co., Ltd. - produces oil screw pump oil extraction equipment, noodle machine and other food machinery

Luoyang Xinle Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. - a comprehensive machinery design and manufacturing enterprise, has senior professional and technical talents in decoration machinery, food machinery, animal husbandry machinery and other industries

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