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Summary of power sales: further promote the reform of transmission and distribution electricity price, and the reform dividend will continue to be released

the national development and Reform Commission is scheduled to hold a regular Theme Conference at 10:00 a.m. on January 22, 2018 (Monday) in the large conference room on the third floor of the central distribution building of the national development and Reform Commission. 2. The toothed rod is deformed or the toothed rod is not meshed with the gear: straightening the toothed rod or cleaning, repairing gears, sheaves and other transmission components, to release the macroeconomic operation and respond to hot issues, Relevant responsible comrades of the national development and Reform Commission attended the press conference. Yan Pengcheng, director and spokesman of the national development and Reform Commission's Policy Research Office for tackling difficulties, focused on eight aspects, including macroeconomic operation, power operation, progress in capacity removal in key industries in 2017, price supervision, progress in economic system reform, credit system construction, government information system integration and sharing, and progress in several key tasks, and answered questions

2. It is necessary to sell electricity | focus on the six hot issues of incremental distribution in 2018

the reform of incremental distribution business is one of the directions of power reform. In recent years, China has built the largest power network, but the construction of distribution has been insufficient for a long time, which has become the core factor restricting the reliability of domestic power supply. The six hot issues of incremental distribution include: whether incremental distribution is electricity or users, whether incremental distribution can be directly connected to power supply, whether the integrated mode of power generation, distribution and sale is feasible, the future pricing method of distribution price, the impact of the opinions, and the problems of the Interim Measures in transmission price

3. The annual reduction of electricity charges by 70billion yuan, the "new electricity reform" enables enterprises to share "dividends"

"small electricity charges", which is linked to the "big costs" of enterprises and the "big problems" of supply side structural reform. In 2017, China accelerated the "control of the middle and liberalization of both ends", and took multiple measures to reduce the electricity prices of industrial and commercial enterprises. The state power company alone reduced the electricity expenditure of enterprises by more than 70billion yuan throughout the year, and the reform dividend was effectively released

4. Blockchain + Power Sales: Technology disruption or a flash in the pan

although blockchain technology is good, it is still in a very early stage of development, and the technology is not mature. It is worth noting that at present, the energy sector has also joined the boom of blockchain, which is also seen in energy + big data, energy + cloud computing, energy + IOT, and now another hot sector, energy + artificial intelligence, who can take the lead in scientific and technological innovation

5. The preferential electricity price of China's bitcoin mines was canceled. Canadian power company took the opportunity to grab business.

Quebec, Canada, with excess electricity, began to vigorously market local low-cost power resources in 2016, aiming at American technology giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc. that need to set up a large number of data centers. With the rapid rise in the price of virtual currency in 2017, the eastern central province of Canada turned its attention to new target groups - those large-scale commercial virtual currency mining "mines"

7. Analysis | what impact does the cost accounting system of power enterprises bring

on January 22, 2018, comprehensive energy watch forwarded the document "cost accounting system for electric power enterprises" issued by the Ministry of finance. Combined with practical work, comprehensive energy watch combed today the impact of this document on the cost accounting of electric power enterprises. The manufacturing process of thermoplastic composites needs to be highly effective. It offers a brick to attract jade for readers' reference and welcomes discussion

8. Power selling companies can start with integrated energy services from the perspective of distribution operation and maintenance

recently, integrated energy services have become a hot topic of concern. Integrated energy service is a big topic, which contains a lot of content. If power selling companies want to follow the trend of transformation and become integrated energy service providers, they should consider comprehensively in combination with their own positioning and business, and find the right entry point. This article briefly talks about the application of energy big data in one aspect of integrated energy services - distribution operation and maintenance

9. China will comprehensively and deeply promote the reform of transmission and distribution electricity price and deepen the research on the national unified electricity market model

by the end of 2017, the reform of transmission and distribution electricity price in China has achieved full coverage of provincial electricity. Not long ago, the national development and Reform Commission issued the "regional power transmission price pricing measures (for Trial Implementation)", "transmission price pricing measures for cross provincial and cross regional special projects (for Trial Implementation)" and "guiding opinions on the formulation of local power and incremental distribution prices", marking that China will comprehensively and deeply promote the reform of transmission and distribution prices. In this regard, the State Council revealed on January 12 that the company will realize the reform of transmission and distribution electricity price this year, fully cover all levels of electricity assets, and actively serve and actively participate in the pilot project of incremental distribution reform

10. Analysis of the development mode and investment trend of the new power reform in 2018: the reform dividend continues to be released

the new power reform document No. 9 and six important supporting documents have been issued, and the two ends of the power generation and sales side are open. The direction of power reform mainly involves two aspects: on the one hand, the two ends of power generation and sales are liberalized, and the intermediate transmission and distribution price is approved; on the other hand, access, orderly power sales and distribution increment are liberalized, And finally, the formation of power industry marketization

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