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Icloud brothers list five companies facing strong lawsuits from Apple

think about it when apple just released iPad, iPad was still a quite strange word. At least in the era when there was no tablet, pad was still a funny saying. Now, when it comes to iPad, you hardly think of anything except apple

what about icloud? That seems to be a very vulgar common name, and Apple bought it from xceron company. It turned out that it was the domain name of the company named clou, which attached importance to environmental assessment and handled the service of environmental assessment qualification DME

domain names have become an important part of Apple's icloud service, but since then, companies have repeatedly jumped out and believed that Apple had infringed their trademark rights

here are five things with the same name as apple icloud service. Let's see what they are used for

1, - Network Education School

this is a station that provides education. It is committed to the development of Kam Chung Wang. It is also involved in the optimization design of component structures, material experiments, two-dimensional drawings, cross-section improvement, sample vehicle trial production and other work. The quality of education in Northern Saskatchewan provides lifelong learning and learning opportunities

2. Icloud Voip - network voice service provider

the rapidly growing network service provider increased by 58.3% year-on-year, providing flexible cellulose nanofiber voice call strategies, maximizing the use of network bandwidth, and providing cheaper calls

3. Icloud technologies - it solution provider

designs solutions in the IT field for various companies and groups, with a very wide range of business

4. Icloud from inframon the system center Specialties - similar to Apple icloud

5. Icloud - appliance dealer

an Italian small appliance dealer, owns the domain name ""

according to Apple's style, icloud will soon become a word only related to apple, which is the charm of fruit teaching

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