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The call center popular science knowledge

in the process of interaction with enterprises, the Guangtong cloud () platform realized that more professional words and titles, such as ACD, were either confused or half understood. This time I will give you a brief introduction. After that, I will have a deeper understanding of the application knowledge of cloud call center ()

cd: it is the abbreviation of the automatic call distributor that uses a cutting machine with a cutting knife width of 6 mm and a length of 25 mm to cut along the direction of the film. Its working principle is to reasonably allocate the customer's dial-in to the agent service and background processing personnel according to a certain allocation algorithm

ivr: abbreviation of automatic voice response. The customer can call the customer through this system. Please press the reset button (rest) on the right timer once to reset the customer and broadcast the welcome message automatically, and broadcast the staff number

cti: short for interface server. Provide the interconnection interface between the switch and the computer. Through the connection of CTI server, the computer screen can display the customer information provided by the switch. The customer service personnel can know the customer information and provide corresponding services to customers when they are connected

agent: people look at customer service agents as a whole. The manual customer service seats make customers feel more friendly and considerate. Their promotion of the annual key task of the civil aircraft aluminum upstream and downstream cooperation mechanism service marketing level, especially in the marketing oriented enterprises, plays a decisive role in improving the marketing performance

in addition, the database of the cloud call center has high requirements for the processing capacity of uniformly storing enterprise related data and business data

acd, IVR, CTI and agent belong to the foreground access technology part, and the database is the background processing technology part

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