Polyvinyl alcohol rises sharply after the hottest

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After the National Day holiday, the price of polyvinyl alcohol rose sharply

after the holiday, the price of polyvinyl alcohol in major domestic markets such as East China has risen to 14700 ~ 14800 yuan/ton, and the ton price of polyvinyl alcohol in some regions has broken through the 15000 yuan mark, creating the highest market sales price this year

this year, the market trend of polyvinyl alcohol is relatively flat. Although the market has a certain rise after the Spring Festival, the rise of ton price is more than 1000 yuan compared with that after the festival in previous years, which is very inconspicuous. After a short-term rise, the market was subject to the flat demand of the downstream, and the price fell slightly by about 200 yuan/ton. From March to may, the polyvinyl alcohol was sorted out in the area of 13200 ~ 13300 yuan/ton. In late May, the polyvinyl alcohol market rebounded slightly, and the market price returned to about 13500 ~ 13600 yuan/ton. After that, the narrow liquid crystal pendulum impact solid material itself on this platform can also be recycled. The testing machine is a common amplitude oscillation. It was not until the late August that the price of polyvinyl alcohol reached the 14000 yuan/ton mark. Then the market rose moderately by 200 ~ 400 yuan/ton, and the market price before the festival reached 14200 ~ 14400 yuan/ton

the overall trend of domestic PVA market this year is stronger than that of last year. At the beginning of the year, the opening price of 12800 ~ 12900 yuan/ton was 800 ~ 900 yuan/ton higher than that of the same period of the previous year. Although the market performance was very mild, the current large curve automatically followed the upward trend and finally made the market exceed the height of the previous year

the main reasons for the sharp rise in the polyvinyl alcohol market are as follows:

first, the increase in costs. This year, the oil price has risen to a high of $75/barrel, which has driven up the price of raw materials such as natural gas. At the same time, the rise of oil price has led to the rise of transportation price, which has increased the production cost of polyvinyl alcohol. Manufacturers have to raise product prices to maintain normal production profits

second, the overall price of chemical products rose. This year, the prices of chemical products have generally risen, and many varieties have reached record highs, such as triphenyl, phthalic anhydride, methanol, etc. the rise of the overall price level has a certain pulling effect on polyvinyl alcohol

third, the output decreased. Affected by the rapid growth of demand, the natural gas supply is very tight this year. The gas supply department has reduced the gas consumption of industrial users, so that the production capacity of domestic polyvinyl alcohol global synthetic fiber using natural gas as raw material is expected to increase by 2.6% every year. The production unit is under construction, and the market supply is relatively insufficient

due to the relatively clear market fundamentals, the polyvinyl alcohol market will continue to operate strongly in the near future. However, due to the large price increase and the backwardness of the direct raw material vinyl acetate, there will not be much room for future growth

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