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Common techniques in graphic design

(x) texture

texture is also called texture. Due to different materials of objects, the arrangement, organization and structure of surfaces are different, resulting in a rough, smooth, soft and hard feeling

creation method of texture:

1 Changes of strokes: different texture effects are described by using the thick, thin, hard, soft, heavy strokes and the different arrangement of strokes

2. Engraving: engraving with ink or paint on a naturally formed uneven surface, and then printing on a drawing, will form an ancient rubbing texture

3. Spray painting: use a spray pen or a toothbrush whose structure and properties fully meet the requirements of the experimental specifications. After brushing the dissolved pigment, the pigment will be sprayed on the paper in the form of fog

4. Dyeing: the surface with strong water absorption can be rendered and infected with liquid pigments. The pigments will naturally disperse on the surface, producing a natural and beautiful texture effect

5. Paper: different kinds of paper have different thickness, texture and structure due to different processing materials, or they are artificially wrinkled and rubbed to produce special texture effects

appreciate the effect of texture

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