Polymer plastics that can heal automatically after

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The polymer plastics that can heal automatically after cutting

also make the market of recycled plastic granulator more and more optimistic. At present, Spanish scientists have successfully developed the world's first self-healing polymer, which can automatically repair the appearance

this peculiar material can still heal automatically after paper products. 97% of the test samples healed within two hours. It is not easy to stretch the material by hand. This material has self-healing function at room temperature without any additional intervention, such as heating or light source

speaking of this self-healing plastic, it is a "self-healing" bionic synthetic plastic. When the plastic is scratched, it will flow out red liquid like skin bleeding, but with the change of light, temperature and acidity conditioning chord, the wound can heal automatically. Scientists say that this material is expected to be used in many fields, such as computer shell, automobile varnish and even medicine. Its working principle is similar to self-healing hydrogel. Unlike relying on embedded healing compounds, which can only self repair once, they can repair repeatedly; At the same time, it is more environmentally friendly than many other plastics, because its production process is based on water. The actual meteorite composition includes 90% iron, 8% nickel and phosphorus and a small amount of cobalt based plastics, rather than relying on potentially toxic ingredients

scientists emphasized that since similar polymers have been used in many commercial production, they are attractive and easy to put into real industrial applications

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